Thursday, September 8, 2011

So it's pretty much been one week since I started the real food challenge and I am loving it! It does make it hard when I'm at some one's house and they don't have any fruits or veggies for me to munch on so I'm learning to carry almonds or lara bars on me. The real challenge has been keeping up with my protein intake. I was getting all of my protein from my soy products but that's all processed so it went away. I know that I am more than able to meet the requirements by eating more beans and such, now it's just making sure I have them with my meals. This first week was definitely the cleanse week.. and boy am I glad it's over ha. I did lose 2.6 pounds without even trying! That was all just processed food in me. Amazing huh!?

One of my absolute favorite snacks has been whole wheat banana muffins, the recipe is for banana bread but Lisa over at 100 days of real food said that it's great to make other ways than just in a loaf. Being able to freeze the muffins and throw them in the microwave before I go somewhere has been nice. The only thing I changed (and it wasn't much of one) was instead of just plain yogurt I used plain Greek yogurt (low fat fage) so you're also getting a little bit more protein in the muffins. After I nuke them in the microwave I put some organic peanut butter on them.. oh so good!

Sorry that these pictures are all sideways, I'm trying to get this post up fast so I can take the dogs for a nice long walk on the trail.

One of my breakfast staples has been rolled oats (organic and local which is nice! My parents eat them) with honey and fresh fruit.

Easy lunch of just throwing stuff together. Banana, hard boiled eggs, almonds, snow peas and Greek yogurt with fresh pineapple and strawberries (and really anything fresh we have on hand) and sweetened with honey.

This is a meat less tortilla soup from 100 days of real food I did leave out the poultry seasoning. It's actually way better the next day, I made this days ago and I'm still eating it.

Moving along... They put up a new class schedule at the base gym, and one of the new classes is turbokick. Keri from The Ronk's joined me since she's been wanting to find one in the area and they started this class at the same time she mentioned that. We had so much fun!! I am so happy to add this class in and I am so happy to have a work out buddy! Oddly Keri and I have never met before. We have a mutual friend who had shown me Keri's blog back in 2009 and she's the reason I started blogging (I loved the idea). We are now both back at home for different amounts of times and different reasons so being able to meet up is awesome. Funny story I was getting my hair cut after I came home and was back at the salon I go to in town, I saw a girl with a baby at the counter who I thought looked familiar but I wasn't sure from where. Sure enough it was Keri ha. It's only taken us a few years and a chance encounter to finally meet. Now off to enjoy the last little bit of nice weather :]

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