Friday, January 29, 2016

Birthday boy!!

Happy first birthday (for a second time!) to an amazing little boy who makes our life better than we could ever have imagined!! Since he was born in Japan we have the pleasure of celebrating twice, the actual time he was born in Japan (1520 PST on the 27th) and then of course the 28th. 

A year in pictures : )

Hello world! 

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months
6 months

7 months (and 7 years to the girls!)

8 months

9 months

10 months (and his first virus :( )

11 months

12 months 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

New adventures

What a week! We left Japan on January 7  (with enough luggage to fill up a suburban!) to start new adventures in Whidbey Island. Thursday number 2 (the day we arrived) I ended up sleeping away while Frank and Cameron went and saw family. Jet lag hit me HARD! 
Friday we went up to Oak Harbor to check in with housing and let them know we were here. Our move in date had been set for the 22nd so we pretty much were just there to confirm it. As we were about to leave the lady who was helping us realized our house was ready now and we could move in on Tuesday!! Of course we said yes! As excited as we were it also meant we had to fast track everything. We had no car, washer and dryer and still had plans with family so having to fit that all into 3 days was pretty intense. We spent Tuesday going back and forth between Oak Harbor and Marysville moving our stuff up and grocery shopping. Wednesday we spent running errands and Thursday, a week after leaving Japan we FINALLY had a day to somewhat relax! Just craziness.
Home sweet home for the next 3 years...

Friday, January 1, 2016


Anyone else feel like December took forever!? It wasn't a bad month, in fact we had a lot of fun... It just felt like it was never ending ha.
We started the month off with a very sick little boy who was towards the end of a nasty 2 week virus.

Cameron met Santa for the first time...

And decorated for Christmas 

Had our first night out in almost 12 months at the command Christmas party. Frank made sure to wear his fancy clothes ; )
They ended up being very popular that night ha

Cameron wasn't impressed by our pack out ha

Molly was confused as usual (wondering where her water went)

Cameron was happy once everything was cleared out so he could play again...

And apparently Ellie tried to hide?

Enjoyed a few first birthday parties

And dressing up as a mini Chandler : )

Pool time!

Saying "see you laters" to some special people

Sending Gina off to the states!

And FINALLY going on the Ferris wheel in Yokohama after 3 years of talking about it.

And of course some fun on the train ; )

Eating. Lots of eating!

Cameron's first trip to urgent care to be glued back together

Finding out how much fun the loaner crib can be ha

Tokyo Disneyland for Christmas!!

Someone turned 11 months!!

Had fun with his friends at the barracks. Occasionally partying just a bit too much ha

Some bike trailer fun!

We spent our New Year's Eve asleep so nothing exciting to share there. Here's to a busy January and amazing 2016!