Sunday, February 27, 2011

The happenings

People keep asking how I'm doing with Frank gone (it comes with the territory but I figured I'd just put it out there for everyone). Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping for some juicy depression or what not, but it's been pretty much the same. The only difference is that I'm really busy with trying to start up our Advocare business. Since we are able to text each other multiple times a day and talk quite often, it's been rather easy. Once he gets to GTMO our communication will drop significantly because he doesn't have a laptop yet and I don't want to pay for phone cards since that will just take away from the money we're saving for the laptop. So we'll just have to rely on good old fashion email ;] ha. I laughed a little calling it old fashioned.. it's getting there these days!

There we're no tears when he left, no staying in bed for hours or days on end. I love to cook and clean (and actually love it more when I'm only doing it for myself!!) so nothing has changed there. I did have my first breakdown yesterday, but honestly that could have happened with him here or not. In the last 4 days the dogs have chewed up 3 different cords. The last one they did was the power cord for the Internet. I was angry with them. VERY ANGRY! I started hyperventilating because I didn't really know what to do with it all, a few tears were shed, but I mostly wanted to hit something. I laid down for about 30 minutes to calm myself down and then picked up the mess and headed to AT&T to get a new cord. Exciting story I know ;]

For some odd reason if you don't cry over your significant other leaving, or if you have no problem being going on about your days without him actually there there is something wrong with you. People can be weird sometimes! I would like to put it out there that YES I do miss Frank a lot, hello why wouldn't I miss him!? One of the reason's I don't mind being apart is that we are able to not take the time we have together for granted. And I love that.

We always look at him leaving as a reason (other than he has to) behind it. With this one we were at the point where we needed to focus on ourselves for a little while. Work on strengthening our relationship with God and ourselves. There is so much to learn and grow from, and then being able to bring that back into our relationship when we are together again. It's exciting to us.

SIDE NOTE: My fingers are freezing and making it hard to type, I am going to try to catch all the typo's but I have a feeling I won't get them all. This cold weather is NOT making me happy! It needs to warm up. AND FAST!

LOVE THIS song by Rascal Flatts! I'm not a fan of PDA but this couple is too cute :]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Right now my life has been consumed with Advocare, do I mind? Not at all! In fact I love it. I am part of an amazing team, who love God and only want the best for me. How could I not be happy? I am still in that new/weird area where I am learning everything and not sure what to do at times. It can be frustrating, but I'm not letting it get me down.. much ; ]. I'm also learning to be more out there with people I don't know (NOT something I've ever been good at!) and get the word out about the products and company.

I currently have a long list of things I still want to get, maybe then it will feel real... humm. It's amazing to be able to have this vision, AND be able to be in control of that. Nothing is stopping me except me and I have to keep reminding myself that.

Something else that is quite amazing is seeing the things God has done in my life. It almost makes me stop in my tracks because it always seems to catch me off guard. Oy I'm having a hard time coming up with my words now : / It doesn't help that the dogs have been driving me crazy half the night by sitting at my feet being drama queens. I guess I'll end it on that note ha.

Make sure to check out Advocares newest unpaid endorser Colt McCoy and the products he takes and loves.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yea I couldn't think of a good title. That's pretty much how I feel right now though. Last night I registered for success school, it's a weekend of Advocare! They hold it twice a year, this last weekend was the winter school but since Frank was leaving we didn't go.. obviously. I heard the summer one was going to be in August... I was getting nervous! My friends wedding is in August, and I wasn't missing that. Needless to say I was jumping up and down excited (it was really weird because I was by myself!) because success school was going to be the weekend AFTER her wedding! YAY!

So August is going to be a busy busy month! I haven't decided how long I'll be going home for for the wedding, but I will be going straight from Washington to Texas for Advocare. Then after a crazy full weekend of learning I'll be staying in Dallas to visit family for a certain amount of time. Waiting to see how long aunt wants me for :]

SIDE NOTE: I'm doing a few things at once so if this post doesn't make sense.. sorry! I'm trying to focus but it's not working :]

I have some recipes I want to blog about, but I'm waiting to have a few to blog about at once.. I really don't want to upload a few pictures at a time. So you can look forward to some food soon.

Another random little tid bit.. I'm sitting around waiting for our tax return to post so I can head to the bank and take the money out then head to another bank to pay off my credit card! It's a happy day for me. I'm also waiting for my recent Advocare purchase to show up. That right there makes my week ha.

Hummm.. can I make this anymore random?? I think I'm good for now :]


This is by Ron Reynolds VP of Distributor Development & Training at Advocare. I describes EXACTLY how i'm feeling right now.. oy and I still don't know what to do :/

A few weeks ago, after what seemed to be an endless onslaught of winter ice and snow across much of the nation - and especially here in Dallas where it drove people to experience "cabin fever" - the temperatures have moderated as we grow ever closer toward a springtime of both temperature and opportunity.

Like many of you reading this message, I had reached my limits of endurance in "late openings due to inclement weather," driving on ice-packed and snow-covered roads, and waiting for a better day tomorrow, only to find the anticipated "better day" was more of the same.

It sort of works that way in your business as well; Mary, in her best attempt to remain optimistic and hopeful says to her team, "Smile, everyone - things could be worse," so they all smiled and sure enough, things got worse.

Through it all, however, while some experienced decreased results in spite of their best efforts, a majority plowed their way through the adversity and as a result, the collective efforts of many resulted in a continued upward climb in AdvoCare of record-setting performance. The lesson in all of this is that if enough keep plowing, the harvest becomes larger. But now the time returns for us to move into the springtime of opportunity; it isn't far off now, so we must forget the setbacks and the obstacles, for as someone who I cannot remember wisely said, "Behind every setback, there's a comeback," and if we can do as well as we have done in spite of the setbacks think about how it's going to be now that the snow and the ice is turning to water, the water is feeding and nourishing the soil, and the moisture is making the soil more abundantly ready for the seed we shall plant in large quantity.

We must not, however, wait for the calendar to announce that it's officially springtime. This is the moment to plant the seeds by making lots of calls, hosting lots of Mixers, and getting a jump on the seasons so that we'll be the "first out of the gate" in the race toward creating larger teams, making more sales, earning higher pins, changing many lives for the better, and in the process of it all, increasing our own level of income so we can eliminate debt and become more financially independent. To repeat, don't wait for the season to change, go into action now.

It is not the time, however, to wait and watch; being patient has its limits. Its high levels of activity that is the order of the day, for surely activity must precede increased productivity; we must plant quickly and abundantly in the spring so we can reap abundantly in the fall. The seasons aren't going to wait for us to get ready, they aren't going to wait for our mood to change, and they aren't to care whether we seize this moment of opportunity or let it pass. We all have a "better mood button" that lets us reset all the bad memories of the past. Press it, and move on!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

IA Challenge

So far this is what I have, I'll probably be adding to it here and there...
I know I got a job RIGHT before Frank left, but I'm keeping it on the list and marking it as completed :)

IA Challenge

Start: February 13, 2011
End: March 2012

1.Read all of Nicolas Sparks books (2/13)

2. Eat at 13 new restaurants

3. Go on a Hollywood tour

4. Pay off all debt

5. Visit Catalina Island

6. Buy a strangers drink at Starbucks

7. Run (or jog in my case) a 5K

8. Put $X into savings Haven't decided on the amount yet

9. Go to a movie by myself

10. Take A.R.M.Y classes at church

11. Hang up family pictures

12. Do the 21 day vegan kick start

13. Get a passport

14. Buy new glasses

15. Get a job [COMPLETED]

16. Read the Bible cover to cover

17. Organize pictures/cards

18. Make advisor with Advocare

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Oh My!

Hello all! Are you still there?? I can't believe I even have a few new followers.. that one surprised me to say the least. A little recap of what we've been up to..

  • George went with a family for a week on a trial run and ended up with us again, there is another couple interested in him so I'm praying it works out! We've been taking him to lots of adoption events with SNAP.
  • Molly and Ellie continue to be annoying (nothing new there)
  • I got a JOB! And started working. I work on base as a rec aid in two of the gyms doing front desk stuff. I'm loving it :) I got to work this cona beach run and Frank volunteered. I just work a few hours here and there which is what I wanted so I'm happy about that.
  • Frank and I started selling Advocare! We absolutely love it and hope we can help lots of people with getting healthy and possibly debt freedom! Check out our site and ask questions if you have any.
  • Busy busy with church stuff.
  • Frank got orders for Guantanamo Bay December 24 (he volunteered for it) we had about a month in a half to get ready for it since everyone was on leave for the holiday's. He left this morning and will be gone for 13 months. Poor guy had a 4 hour delay and is now sitting in Atlanta on a 7 hour layover. He at least got free food because of it, too bad it's nothing good for him ha.
  • In august I will be going home for a friends wedding then straight down to Dallas for success school with Advocare (we missed the winter one because it's going on right now). I'll be staying afterwards to visit with family :) Haven't seen them in a few years so I'm excited for that visit.
  • We are one step closer to debt freedom. YAY :)
  • My parents planned a trip down this way for my birthday in May. I have a long list of stuff to do already ha. Then in August after Nicole and Brad (her fiance) get married they are planning a trip down here to hit up amusement parks. Nicole and I are both excited to show Brad around!
I know there is more I just can't think of it right now :/ humm... oh Frank's brother's girlfriend having a baby in less then 6 weeks (hopefully!) so that's pretty exciting! I have a list of IA challenges I plan to accomplish while Frank is gone. I need to post that soon. For those that don't know what IA is, it's Individual Augmentee Orders. Meaning he's not with his command on this, it's just him going on a deployment for a year to a certain area that follows under the category. If anyone can explain it better feel free to ha.

It feels good to be back to blogging, I have missed you all :) And hello to the few of you who are new!