Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Right now my life has been consumed with Advocare, do I mind? Not at all! In fact I love it. I am part of an amazing team, who love God and only want the best for me. How could I not be happy? I am still in that new/weird area where I am learning everything and not sure what to do at times. It can be frustrating, but I'm not letting it get me down.. much ; ]. I'm also learning to be more out there with people I don't know (NOT something I've ever been good at!) and get the word out about the products and company.

I currently have a long list of things I still want to get, maybe then it will feel real... humm. It's amazing to be able to have this vision, AND be able to be in control of that. Nothing is stopping me except me and I have to keep reminding myself that.

Something else that is quite amazing is seeing the things God has done in my life. It almost makes me stop in my tracks because it always seems to catch me off guard. Oy I'm having a hard time coming up with my words now : / It doesn't help that the dogs have been driving me crazy half the night by sitting at my feet being drama queens. I guess I'll end it on that note ha.

Make sure to check out Advocares newest unpaid endorser Colt McCoy and the products he takes and loves.

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