Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been awhile..

Well it's been a busy few weeks! My parents came down to San Diego for a week over my birthday and I kept them busy sight seeing the whole time. Then my dad drove up to Washington with me which is where I'll be for a few months. I have no idea how long I'll be here for, but my goal is to stay till we get our debt paid off. If we're strict with our budget we can make it happen. So that is the driving force.
I miss San Diego but feel okay with being home. It made me realize that San Diego is our "home" now, no matter where else the Navy sends us San Diego is where we want to plant roots. For now it's the land of coffee stands, trucks, tanning and people wearing shorts the second the sun comes out. Oh and how can I forget, RAIN! I plan to get back into a routine with the gym on Monday. I was going to try for this week but I had far too much going on and didn't feel like stressing myself out.

The dogs are loving having my parents yard and Frank's parents yard to run in! I'm loving the cheaper gas prices ha.

Here are a few pictures from the last month.. I need to get better with posting them!

 Yup had to show off my little muscle :]

Beautiful sunset over Mission Bay during our small group Easter bon fire

Shelby, Marsha and myself at the bon fire. This picture is a fav because of the light off of the fire.

 Sun bathing at the beach! Our favorite past time.

Miss Ellie.

 This was from March, a few of us from small group met up at Cowles Mt and hiked to the top.

It was a first for them, I was happy that I got to show it to them.

St. Patty's Day, we made cookies for the prison lovers ministry. And by "we" I mean Maggie made them and we all drooled over the smell!

I have so many posts I'm thinking of for pictures.. be ready ha.