Monday, November 24, 2014

Deja Vu!

The second port call for the second half of deployment was suppose to be the Philippines, however, it was also right after the incident of a sailor killing someone. So days before hitting port they canceled it and decided to head back to Guam. Once official word was out that left us with a week exactly to book everything. I was smart and bought travelers insurance just in case.. what a waste of money, they wouldn't refund a thing. There was the option of going to Manila with whomever didn't want to lose out on their money... but I could honestly care less to go to Manila. I would love to visit PI one day, that just wouldn't be my first choice.
With this being our last vacation just the two of us for awhile it was decided pretty quickly I would still go to Guam. I also found out I do my best research for deals at the last minute while sleep deprived in the middle of the night ha. One downfall was that the only hotel on the beach that had availabilities in our price range was The Pacific Star. If you remember from my last Guam post we didn't have the best of luck when it came to our room situation with them. This time around I just went with the standard two double beds and/or queen. I triple checked to make sure it wasn't a twin room since that would be a huge no go.
Fast forward a week, I get to the hotel around 1:30 in the morning. As I'm checking in the lady tells me I have two beds, so my first thought is.. double beds again. I can deal with that. As soon as I walked into the room all I could do was laugh.....
They didn't even try to make it look like a queen :) (imagine that smiley face laughing hysterically)
I sent Frank this picture as soon as I walked in, he told me to go switch right away. I was tired, my stomach hurt and I was really not in the mood to argue over yet another messed up room. I told him we could make it work, 1950's style ha.
The next morning I was rolling over and put one arm on the opposite bed and they rolled apart from each other (insert another hysterical laugh). At that point I was rested and ready to see about getting a new room. I went down with my game face on thinking I was going to have another battle with them. Nope! They were very friendly and apologized that I was in fact in the wrong room. They told me I would be upgraded to a king (Finally getting what I paid for on the first visit!). Talk about a surprise when I went to my new room only to find it was a suit!
I figured I would leave that as a surprise for Frank. Talk about having a hard time keeping a straight face! He kept asking about our room while eating lunch. Needless to say he approved ha.
I have no idea.. I told him I was taking pictures and this is what he did.
After dinner we decided to head down to the beach for a little bit. We just wadded out a little and sat in the shallow water. It ended up being a good thing we went out when we did... it rained the entire time I was there.
We only had two things we wanted to do our second time around in Guam. One was cliff jumping for Frank but with all the rain he wasn't up for the mile hike out to the cliffs. The second was checking out two lovers point. We got a lucky break in the weather one morning so we headed up to the point.
We decided our love wasn't worth purchasing over priced locks ha
This is how we spent almost all of our time.. sleeping :) Being able to lay in bed being lazy watching TV and look out the window at the view was perfect.
Our neighbor who was watching the girls would send us picture updates. This was a favorite :)
 My last day in Guam (I left in the late afternoon a day before Frank) the sun came out and it was beautiful... of course ha. We decided to use that time for a photo shoot!

Since the rental car was in my name I had to drop Frank off on base before I left. After buying him food for the boat we went and checked out the beaches on base. Gab Gab Beach is very popular, great for snorkeling as well, so we had to stop by and see it for ourselves. Of course it made us both miss living by white sandy beaches... sigh..
This is the, do I really have to go back?? look ha


And with that our last mini vacation was over... 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall pictures

I absolutely love having Natalija take my pictures! Not only does she do amazing work, but she is professional and fast. I seriously couldn't say enough good things about her :) I'm sad she can't do my actual maternity pictures and possibly newborn shots [she's due right after me] so being able to do this mini session made me very happy. You should definitely check her out if you are in the kanto plains area of Japan.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stitch Fix goods

Stitch Fix day! My favorite day of the month :)
Last month I asked that they send cardigans/jackets and accessories since I really don't need more maternity clothes. Jackets I need bad though! I was a bit curious of what they would end up sending honestly. Of course they did not disappoint.
First up, an infinity scarf. Kept

This pea coat was AMAZING! I was really wanting one and not only was it in the price range I would spend, it was so soft. Only problem was it would fit for maybe a few more weeks. I thought it was maternity at first but realized later it was just a regular Large. A thought that was brought up was that I could continue wearing it after I have little man.. but my concern is that I am not normally a Large. Spending a good amount of money on something I would only get a small use out of seems silly to me. Oh how I loved it though. I ended up sending it back and may have wanted to shed a tear ha.

This cardigan made up for not getting to keep the pea coat :) Kept

This one isn't really a winter item, but I still kept it since it can be worn practically year round.

Last item.. at first when I saw this necklace my first thought was  "this is not me!". After wearing it for a little while I started to like it, its something different which is a reason I use Stitch Fix. The major draw back was that it was 4 pieces and they kept clanging together. It got annoying fast! It ended up going back with the pea coat.

All in all this was an awesome Fix! I asked for more accessories in my next box so I can't wait to see what I get :) 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Autumn Home Tour

I figure with Christmas fast approaching I should put up my Fall pictures. Besides the fact that I hate the weather this time of year, I do love getting to decorate for the holidays :)

I love this wreath (I can't remember the actual name), but it covers the peep hole so I never know who is at the door :/
Very much in love with my new scentsy warmer!

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new by mixing and matching colors. It took me awhile to get used to the placemats not matching.. but it's finally grown on me.
And this is what my table normally looks like ha. The pictures have been moved to a chair (still not hung), but the computer is still at the table. We had to get rid of the desk when switching the spare room over to a nursery so I bought a laptop for myself to use. Nothing fancy, just something to use for the time being. The plan was to upload all the pictures from the desktop to an external hard drive then pack the desk top up. In the process of setting up my laptop I spammed myself :( even Frank couldn't get rid of it. So for now this has been the set up.. I am very much ready to have my table back!

And that my friends was a tour of our Autumn décor. I have some decorative towels on the stove and a scentsy wrap in the kitchen. I just forgot to take a picture. Hope you enjoyed, make sure to come back for my Christmas update!