Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stitch Fix goods

Stitch Fix day! My favorite day of the month :)
Last month I asked that they send cardigans/jackets and accessories since I really don't need more maternity clothes. Jackets I need bad though! I was a bit curious of what they would end up sending honestly. Of course they did not disappoint.
First up, an infinity scarf. Kept

This pea coat was AMAZING! I was really wanting one and not only was it in the price range I would spend, it was so soft. Only problem was it would fit for maybe a few more weeks. I thought it was maternity at first but realized later it was just a regular Large. A thought that was brought up was that I could continue wearing it after I have little man.. but my concern is that I am not normally a Large. Spending a good amount of money on something I would only get a small use out of seems silly to me. Oh how I loved it though. I ended up sending it back and may have wanted to shed a tear ha.

This cardigan made up for not getting to keep the pea coat :) Kept

This one isn't really a winter item, but I still kept it since it can be worn practically year round.

Last item.. at first when I saw this necklace my first thought was  "this is not me!". After wearing it for a little while I started to like it, its something different which is a reason I use Stitch Fix. The major draw back was that it was 4 pieces and they kept clanging together. It got annoying fast! It ended up going back with the pea coat.

All in all this was an awesome Fix! I asked for more accessories in my next box so I can't wait to see what I get :) 

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