Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have to start this post off with a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my love! Frank turned the big bad 26 ha. Today is a jammed packed day for birthdays. Today is also my mom's birthday, a cousins birthday and a friends daughters 1st birthday. Crazyness ha. And tomorrow our babies turn 3! I'll be taking them to the beach (not our idea of a beach, but it's all we get here :[ ) to celebrate. Happy birthday all :]

I decided to just do a bunch of collages from Frank's leave...

The day after he got home, enjoying Seafair and our time alone.

This was the late afternoon on Sunday (the day after he got home) at his parents house.

The first picture is from Nicole's bachelorette party. Then next few are from the shooting range.. pretty obvious ha. The following pictures that are in a sequence are at my aunts house. She had Frank try a shot that I can't remember for the life of me what it was. 

Wedding day! 

These are just a bunch of random iPhone shots starting when he first got in and ending with the morning he left.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

6 months down...

7 months to go. Frank is back to GTMO which means his R&R is over and we're half way through this deployment. It's pretty amazing how fast it has been going, I have a feeling this second half will go even faster since we have the holiday's coming up. I think I've also decided for sure that I'll stay in Washington up until right before he gets back. I'd gone back and forth with staying until November when the explorer will be paid off or waiting it out and being able to pay down his car by at least $6,000 if we're lucky. Even Frank was telling me I should just go back in November since he knows how much I don't want to be here. But... it was the numbers that got me excited to stay. In April we are planning on going to Dallas for my cousins wedding (and see Haysel!) so we decided to add a vacation to it as well. Now I just hope it all works out! So staying here to save money for that is another thing I added to the list of pros to stay.
So Frank's leave.. Since he got in at midnight we stayed down in Seattle for the night then spent part of the day at Seafair. This was are one time alone the whole 12 days he was home.. and it wasn't long enough! (lesson learned, if he is gone long enough to get R&R we will never take it at home!) I was excited for Seafair since I hadn't been in years and love watching the hydro's, it was also Frank's first time so I was pretty happy to be the one to take him.

We got really lucky and Frank's cousin Ricky who is stationed down at Pendelton was up for Seafair representing his shop. We had one day (afternoon/night) to see him so we were pretty excited that it worked out well. He came up to town for a BBQ at Frank's parents house after we got home from Seattle.

Our first week was just busy busy with work outs and running errands. I had Nicole's bachelorette party on Friday up in Bellingham then the following Saturday we went up to NOAH so I could show Frank what I do up there. They were also doing a big adoption-a-thon so it was madness ha.

The next day was Nicole and Brad's wedding (BEAUTIFUL!). I was so happy that Frank was able to be home for it, we had a great time and loved getting to get dressed up :]

The next day (Monday) I took Frank to the shooting range as a birthday surprise. It's something he likes to do and has been wanting me to join him for some time. Monday's ladies pay no range fee.. and we got lucky because on the 1st and 15th military have no range fee's either. Needless to say we saved A LOT of money! Frank loved getting to show me how to shoot.. I don't suck too bad.. but I'm no where near being good ha. I let him do most of the shooting since taking pictures is much more fun for me.

The rest of the week was again busy, seeing family, eating.. not enough working out! Now it's back to the grind. Oh I almost forgot we got Frank the iPad 2 for his birthday! I LOVE it and was sad to see it go. We had been wanting to get him a laptop but didn't want to spend the money, then right before he came home I got the idea of an iPad. He can play games on it, he can skype with me (love facetime!) and use the same text app he uses on his phone to text me for free. We got some accessories so he can upload his pictures onto it. So it was a cheaper laptop pretty much! We only got wifi since 3G doesn't work in GTMO so it made it a little cheaper. It was also nice knowing we had the cash to pay for it, I love not charging anything anymore :]

This post is all over the place. Sorry about that, I'm having a hard time remembering everything. I'll post pictures later, they aren't wanting to rotate right now so I'll have to work with them to see what's wrong. Anyways, that's my little update about the last few weeks...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Still here.

Frank comes home VERY soon so I have been a crazy women getting ready. Mostly just lots of volunteering with NOAH. After running myself into the ground 24/7 for the last week I finally had to take a break today. So instead I went to the mall and FINALLY found myself a pair of jeans. I HATE jean shopping because it's torture for me. Needless to say I was really happy to find a pair today :] I'm also still on the look out for a pair of shoes to go with my dress for Nicole's wedding that is coming up. Speaking of which, last weekend was Nicole and Brad's bridal shower.
The happy couple.

There was a lot of good food, but the desserts were so pretty.. and yummy! So they made it onto the camera ha.

They also did the toilet paper dress game.. I need to get some of those pictures to share, along with a few more. All in all it was a good day. After stuffing my face more than I should have I was ready for a nap. The hour drive home was very quiet ha.