Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nursery Tour

The nursery has officially been done for awhile, I was just waiting on some frames to be painted but gave up on that. I chose a simple gender neutral theme that can be used again (I'm cheap and don't want to spend a ton of money on a room that will only look that way for a short time) and can be moved around from many different houses.
I went with a yellow and gray elephant theme :)

To keep costs down I repurposed items that I loved from my baby shower. The "It's a boy!" sign was one and works great over the crib. We did decided to spend a little more on the furniture since we wanted something we could keep for a long time.

Mr. Bear is holding down the fort ha. I thought he was on loan to us but Frank said he was a gift. Apparently we need to get that figured out ha. The quilt was a gift from an aunt and it matches the room perfect and the crib sheet to a T! 

My favorite picture :)

Simple... just the way I like it!

The picture frames are still mostly empty since we are waiting on the occupant of the room to show up first ha.

Two of the 4 signs I kept from my shower.

If you couldn't figure it out.. these are the other two ha.

Frank messing with the girls. What we do best!

Frank then decided to practice his swaddling skills! 

I love this little collage wall :) The elephant cross stich was a gift from a pretty awesome friend ; ) 

And that is the short tour of the little ones nursery that he won't actually use for many many months ha. Honestly, I wouldn't have even finished it if we weren't doing our newborn pictures in our home. That gave me the kick I needed to get it all done!