Friday, September 30, 2011

Update: Surgery

Frank went in at 6:00 this morning for his surgery. I had him call me before he was picked up at 5:30 and he was ready to get this over with. I don't know too many details, but his doctor called me at 8:30 west coast time so it was 11:30 eastern time. Not sure if that meant he was in surgery the whole time or part of it... he had just come out of surgery at the time though. The doctor said the break was more/worse than they thought so surgery was his only option (apparently some people don't do the surgery for whatever reasons so it was an option they gave him in the beginning). So now he's put back together by a plate and screws. He will be in the hospital till tomorrow so I'm not sure when he will be coherent enough to call himself, I'm guessing late tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Lucky Frank gets to go home to boys taking care of him ha. I am really grateful for his roommates and friends who will be helping, I've already told them how much I appreciate it. Thankfully for them Frank is a pretty easy patient!

That's about all I have for now, prayers for a quick recovery would be nice :]

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update: Frank

For those of you who hadn't heard yet, Frank will be having his surgery Thursday morning. He will be staying in Cuba so we're pretty happy about that. He wanted to stay to finish out his deployment and I didn't want him to have to be flying all over and packing when he should be laying (sitting/perched) down. I do wish I could be there to take care of him though. His roommates are being helpful though so I'm happy about that. I think I'll bake them some goodies as a thank you... hmm.

After Frank told me he was staying I was relieved to know that I wouldn't have to use our savings account money. But on the other hand I was so very grateful that it was there to be used if needed. It just made me want to work harder at paying off our debt so we can build our full emergency fund. That got Frank excited as well and he told me to have Ricky (his cousin who has Frank's car while he's gone) just sell his car to the highest offer. He was wanting to set the price a little higher at first because of the car, but now he just wants to get the loan paid off. He really wants a new motorcycle when he gets back but he knows we have to have the cash for it first.. so that's really been his incentive at selling his car ha ha.

Wow I feel like my mind wonders much more these days.. I can't even remember the last time I wrote an actual post that made sense! Guess that means it's bed time :]

Monday, September 26, 2011

The waiting game...

Since I cut out processed foods it has me looking at what exactly I'm eating and how much of it I am eating. I already knew I was eating too much fruit and grains and not enough protein, dairy and veggies. I eat them, just not enough. To help me out I decided to make up a chart of how much I am eating daily from each food group. So much easier than it sounds! For the first time I got criticized for eating healthy because apparently people get too thin. Never do I want to be considered too thin. I do this and eat this way because I feel amazing and want to be healthy. There is a first for everything though!
It's super windy out right now and all the dogs are barking at the wind and all the stuff that is being tossed around. It's pretty funny but getting really old!

I had a much bigger post to write up but my mind is all over the place. Frank called this morning at 6:30 to tell me he just got back from the hospital, he broke his collar bone in two locations and needs surgery SOON! He goes back tomorrow morning to find out if he's staying in Cuba or if he's being sent home for good, or just for the surgery. We'd both prefer that he stays down there (he even told his master chief that he wanted to stay) that way he doesn't have to travel or even try to pack while in immense pain. That and he can't even move his left side except for his hand really.

If he comes back to the states I'll be leaving ASAP, either packing up the truck in a matter of minutes and making all my calls while heading south, or booking a plane ticket to be where ever he is. But for now... we wait! ha If you are in the military or married to the military you understand why I'm laughing ha.

I'll try to update everyone on what's going on, but don't be surprised if I'm all of a sudden nowhere to be seen.

Monday, September 19, 2011

4 years

I'm a little behind on this but Friday was mine and Frank's 4th anniversary. We celebrated by talking on the phone ha. It's not a big deal to us that we miss birthday's and anniversary's since we only do something big for them every few years. We still have never had a honeymoon since we didn't have the money so I think that should come before anything else :]

It's crazy to think it's been 4 years! Let's see.. 4 years, 3 states, 2 deployments, 1 small DET, tons of traveling the U.S., 2 dogs, and LOTS of moving later.. ha. Love him to pieces. Or as we say, Forever and ever and always.. to infinity and beyooooonnndd! Yup we still act like kids sometimes.

The only wedding picture I have on the computer is the one at the bottom of my page.. but here are some of the oldest I have (the rest are on thumb drives.).

 These first two were taken in the Outer Banks in March of 2009 when Nicole came to visit us. This was after me and her had gone up to DC and NYC.  We of course had to take her down to North Carolina since the Outer Banks is one of our favorite places. Oh how I miss you OBX!!!

 These we the following month (end of April) down in Florida (Panama City Beach, another favorite area for us!) Frank was down there for work for a little while and it was right before my 22nd birthday. I was out of work because of my injuries and we were getting ready to move to San Diego so I went down for a few weeks as a birthday gift from my mom. Really I just asked if she'd pay for a hotel for me as a gift, she said yes so I was able to go! ha. I spent most of my time exploring the area, going out to Destin and driving back through the little coastal towns and fell in love! I also spent A LOT of time at Pier Park.

 Waiting for sting rays ;} ha. We went para sailing while we were there and were able to see all of the sting rays in the water. That was pretty crazy!

So happy be-lated anniversary love!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dental friends... HELP!

Okay so I know I have a few blogging friends who are dental hygienists... I would like your advice please! I've been thinking about going back to school to become a dental assistant. Yes I know it's not what you do, but I'm hoping you could give some insight if possible!? I've read that some don't go to school for it and just learn on the job, but I haven't seen any posting like that so I'm guessing it's rare?
This isn't a for sure thing yet since Frank and I have already decided I'd stay at home. I love being a house wife, in all honesty I never thought it would be me I always pictured myself as a career women. But once I couldn't work due to multiple injuries I realized I LOVED being at home taking care of everything. So that's where I'm torn on if I want to start a career.

One thing I do like about dental assisting programs is that they are short and don't cost too terribly much, but being military we move a lot and I worry that might be a problem. Humm.. So dental friends, advice!? The good, the bad and the ugly is all encouraged :]

In other news summer is pretty much over in the Northwest. I'm sad but so very thankful for those two weeks of beautiful weather we were blessed with!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking to the future.

 I thought these pictures would be fitting for today....

They were taken at MT. Soledad in San Diego.

We will never forget...

Frank and I were talking last night (the 11th for him already) and I brought up the fact that on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 that he's guarding who he is. Never in a million years would he have thought this is what he'd be doing on this day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

So it's pretty much been one week since I started the real food challenge and I am loving it! It does make it hard when I'm at some one's house and they don't have any fruits or veggies for me to munch on so I'm learning to carry almonds or lara bars on me. The real challenge has been keeping up with my protein intake. I was getting all of my protein from my soy products but that's all processed so it went away. I know that I am more than able to meet the requirements by eating more beans and such, now it's just making sure I have them with my meals. This first week was definitely the cleanse week.. and boy am I glad it's over ha. I did lose 2.6 pounds without even trying! That was all just processed food in me. Amazing huh!?

One of my absolute favorite snacks has been whole wheat banana muffins, the recipe is for banana bread but Lisa over at 100 days of real food said that it's great to make other ways than just in a loaf. Being able to freeze the muffins and throw them in the microwave before I go somewhere has been nice. The only thing I changed (and it wasn't much of one) was instead of just plain yogurt I used plain Greek yogurt (low fat fage) so you're also getting a little bit more protein in the muffins. After I nuke them in the microwave I put some organic peanut butter on them.. oh so good!

Sorry that these pictures are all sideways, I'm trying to get this post up fast so I can take the dogs for a nice long walk on the trail.

One of my breakfast staples has been rolled oats (organic and local which is nice! My parents eat them) with honey and fresh fruit.

Easy lunch of just throwing stuff together. Banana, hard boiled eggs, almonds, snow peas and Greek yogurt with fresh pineapple and strawberries (and really anything fresh we have on hand) and sweetened with honey.

This is a meat less tortilla soup from 100 days of real food I did leave out the poultry seasoning. It's actually way better the next day, I made this days ago and I'm still eating it.

Moving along... They put up a new class schedule at the base gym, and one of the new classes is turbokick. Keri from The Ronk's joined me since she's been wanting to find one in the area and they started this class at the same time she mentioned that. We had so much fun!! I am so happy to add this class in and I am so happy to have a work out buddy! Oddly Keri and I have never met before. We have a mutual friend who had shown me Keri's blog back in 2009 and she's the reason I started blogging (I loved the idea). We are now both back at home for different amounts of times and different reasons so being able to meet up is awesome. Funny story I was getting my hair cut after I came home and was back at the salon I go to in town, I saw a girl with a baby at the counter who I thought looked familiar but I wasn't sure from where. Sure enough it was Keri ha. It's only taken us a few years and a chance encounter to finally meet. Now off to enjoy the last little bit of nice weather :]

Friday, September 2, 2011

September goals

I've seen other bloggers put up monthly and yearly goals.. well for a long time. I have thought about doing it in the past but never got around to it. Well folks this is the month! I'm doing my first monthly goal list. For September this is what I have...


Run outside twice a week
Run a 5K
Read the book of Matthew in full every week
Read two books
Go to the dog park once a week
Take the dogs for a daily walk (they have missed this one!)

That last one I'm super excited about :] Last week I saw an article on yahoo homepage about a family who cut out processed foods for a 100 days. The wife has a blog about all of it (they still eat that way for the most part and it's been over a year) and why they decided to do this. They even did a mini challenge where they only spent $125 a week for their family of 4 to prove that you CAN  eat healthy, fresh foods even on a budget. This number they used to shop by is also the amount a family of 4 in their area gets on food stamps. Surprising how much junk food really can cost you.

I'd love people to do the challenge with me.. it'd be fun :] So who's in!?