Monday, September 26, 2011

The waiting game...

Since I cut out processed foods it has me looking at what exactly I'm eating and how much of it I am eating. I already knew I was eating too much fruit and grains and not enough protein, dairy and veggies. I eat them, just not enough. To help me out I decided to make up a chart of how much I am eating daily from each food group. So much easier than it sounds! For the first time I got criticized for eating healthy because apparently people get too thin. Never do I want to be considered too thin. I do this and eat this way because I feel amazing and want to be healthy. There is a first for everything though!
It's super windy out right now and all the dogs are barking at the wind and all the stuff that is being tossed around. It's pretty funny but getting really old!

I had a much bigger post to write up but my mind is all over the place. Frank called this morning at 6:30 to tell me he just got back from the hospital, he broke his collar bone in two locations and needs surgery SOON! He goes back tomorrow morning to find out if he's staying in Cuba or if he's being sent home for good, or just for the surgery. We'd both prefer that he stays down there (he even told his master chief that he wanted to stay) that way he doesn't have to travel or even try to pack while in immense pain. That and he can't even move his left side except for his hand really.

If he comes back to the states I'll be leaving ASAP, either packing up the truck in a matter of minutes and making all my calls while heading south, or booking a plane ticket to be where ever he is. But for now... we wait! ha If you are in the military or married to the military you understand why I'm laughing ha.

I'll try to update everyone on what's going on, but don't be surprised if I'm all of a sudden nowhere to be seen.

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