Wednesday, July 31, 2013

iPhone picture dump!

Enjoy all my selfie's haha :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

AESA Retreat

I just realized that July is almost over. Didn't it just start?? It makes me sad to think I have not been able to really enjoy summer yet. At the same time I love everything that is keeping me busy. So I guess that evens it out... A little. I do miss taking the dogs to the beach almost every day though :/ I know they miss it as well! And by beaches I mean white sandy ones!

Since July is almost over I figured I should share pictures from The New Sanno. At the beginning of the month AESA held a retreat to The New Sanno (A hotel in Tokyo for service members, so we get better rates then other hotels) for those who had qualified with enough volunteer points. 

Initially I had qualified points wise, but two days before the retreat I had been voted in as the new Treaserer so I was able to go as a board member instead. I would have gone regardless.. It was just fun being as to say that ha. 

Our big thing for the retreat was that AESA paid for us to attend the Esscoffier dinner. It is a 7 course delisious meal. 

This was down the road from the hotel.. Has nothing to do with dinner ha.

Live music!

6 glasses! Water, champagne and 4 different wines.

There was two meat courses, but since I don't eat meat I didn't take any pictures of them.

Hung out in the bar for all of 5 minutes before going back to my room to email with Frank all night :)

I also got to finally experience their brunch! Too bad the food from the night before was still upsetting my stomach. I wasn't able to enjoy this as much as I would like. I'm hoping to in a few weeks though :)

Instead I loaded up on fruit.. Much better!

Mom and dad with their third child haha.

Fun, free weekend! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

House tour

When we moved in 7 months ago I promised a house tour once we started getting more furniture. Well I feel now is better than ever. For those who know us or have been reading the blog for a while might remember how we sold most of our furniture while we paid off debt. We pretty much only kept our bed, computer desk/laptop, couch. During that time we added a table and got rid of our laptop that was on it's dying days and bought a desk top. Fast forward to last summer when we were doing our pack out to come to Japan and we got rid of whatever else we had that was old and falling apart. I think the only large items we got rid of were our desk and computer chair.
Our apartment was pretty bare when we moved in last December! Since we were buying everything with cash rather then credit it obviously has gone much slower ;] However, we have gotten quite a bit of stuff so I figure might as well do a house tour now.  You can go HERE and check out the pictures. For those new to the blog this would be lovely outdated military housing in Japan! Pale pink is not a color we would choose on our own ;]

Without further ado... 
Standing at the front door. These curtains are my favorite!

The clock above the TV doesn't work.. I always look at it for the time though ha.

Whoops, got the wrong length for the curtains! They were the last ones that I finally bought so I really didn't care to take them back.

How about another shot of the living room!??

That clock looks so lonely on the wall haha. What is that I see sitting on the counter?? Melanie and CJ's wedding invitation! :] Too bad we can't make it though.

Yup had to show off my juicer again since I had it on the counter ha.

These curtains are not exactly what I wanted but for 799 yen I figure they would do for now.

I hate that the table is not centered with the light, but it makes no sense because it leaves so much space by the window and takes up quite a bit of walking space where it's needed.

The spare bedroom. Don't let the bedding fool you.. it sucks! I will be changing it out once again before my mom gets here.

Turn around and you are in the office! ha

Bathroom.. nothing special. We do have a large tub that I LOVE!

I had originally planned to hang that mirror above the dresser but I loved it in the corner like that.

Our one lonely picture on the dresser ha.

Ellie wanted to say hello!
Well that is our home as of now. I still need to hang up pictures, buy a Tansu (I want one like the stairs), get two more rugs.. I have actually drawn out what I want to do to each room and the area outside our front door. Hopefully I will have more to update soon on our progress! Right now I am loving making my yard look nice. I've turned into my parents! ha