Friday, December 31, 2010

Trip home part 3

This just goes to show how out of order these pictures are going to be. The first ones I put up were from the beginning of our trip.. these are from when we were packing, driving up and our first few days at home. I also realized that they are almost all dogs! There are lots of dogs on both sides of our families :)

Molly packed and ready to go!

Not exactly sure how that was comfortable!?

I realize this is a horrible picture... but it could have been pretty freaking awesome if I was able to pull over and get out. Instead you get to enjoy our nice bug splattered wind shield :)

Miss Zo Zo being her cute self! Man I love her...

Playing in the field behind my parents house. I'm pretty sure they were squealing in delight at all the space they had.

This was interesting.. the only base by our parents is Everett Naval Station, which is definitely not an air station and Oak Harbour is about 45 plus minutes away... so this was a nice treat.

 A view of my parents house and the neighbors from the field. This really shows how big my parents house is.. it's pretty crazy.

Jack-man.. love this picture of him.

Ahh I love this picture of Goldie (Frank's sisters dog) it makes me laugh every time!

Me and my aunt Jean... I <3 her :)

If you can guess who's pregnant you win a prize!! ha

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello! My name is George...

... and I'm looking for my forever home!

Meet George, our (around) 10 month old foster dog. About a week in a half ago Frank and I volunteered, through the dog lovers ministry were apart of at our church, to work an adoption event with SNAP. Each person has there own dog for the event and George was Frank's.

When they brought George out of the truck the lady let us in on his story. Both George and his sister, Georgina.. ha yup the shelter named them, were left for dead in a park. When they were found they were half there body weight, dehydrated and hypodermic. There body temperatures didn't even read on the thermometer. Needless to say they were blessed with a second chance at life.

At first George was insanely shy and scared of everything. Over the three hours we were there Frank and George bonded, and Frank was able to bring George out of his "shell". At first Frank really wanted to adopt him, but it's obvious he needs a yard to run around in, but having him go back to the shelter was something neither of us wanted. So we agreed to foster him until he found his perfect family. Of course we fell in love with him, I mean who wouldn't look at him. He's adorable!

He's still very much a puppy, even though he looks much older because of his size. He's a boxer mix and by the size of his paws I'd say he still has quite a bit of growing left to do! Within a day of being home with us he learned "sit", although it took a few days before he would do it right away. He has learned to sit and wait before he's allowed to eat, again he still has his moment's but is good at stopping when I tell him to.

He is still learning basic obedience like not nibbling on us when he's playing, he IS NOT a biter! I just want to put that out there for anyone who might take the "nibbling" in the wrong way. He is also learning not to jump on people.. really I have three dogs I'm working on that one with, Molly and Ellie are horrible at it! One thing we have learned since having him is that he is NOT aggressive what's so ever. Molly and Ellie would prefer if he left, but while he's here they just tolerate him (they don't like dogs bigger then them. Little dog syndrome ha.). At times they will growl or go after him barking, he does nothing back. He just brushes it off like it's nothing! Whenever Ellie starts barking at something outside George freaks out and goes running for me or Frank or to the spare bedroom. He is still very nervous about things, and is nowhere near being a guard dog ha.

Something that George needs to teach Molly and Ellie is how to walk on the leash! He's amazing at it, I for sure thought that at first we would have problems with it but I was proven wrong. Molly and Ellie need to pay attention to him ;) A few days ago we took all three dogs out to the dog park since I figured George would love being able to run around and possibly socialize. He was scared out of his mind. Poor guy. If we threw a ball he would just stay right next to you, he'd only go off if he were with Molly and Ellie (go figure they don't even like him, but he loves them) or with us. We didn't stay for long but it got me to see that he needs short visits there to get used to it all, but not long enough to scare him away. He would go over to a group of dogs and start sniffing them, but as soon as they would all start playing he'd run the other way scared. It will take time but I see potential in him.

Whomever adopted George will be getting a great dog, one that has so much love to give. I will be sad to see him go, but I know that he's not meant for us. We were meant to be the buffer, getting him out of the shelter was our initial goal and I know for myself that I am very happy we were able to do just that. He still has lots to learn, but in the short time he's been with us so far he has opened up so much. George needs a family that has a big yard for him to run in and some very energetic teenagers or adults. He craves attention, not to be the center of it all, but just to have someone there with him. He needs a family that will be home with him and involve him in there daily lives and activities.

George is up to date on all his shots, microchiped and Neutered. If anyone in the San Diego area is interested in George, or want to know how you can help with other dogs feel free to contact me through comment (my email is down right now) or the Chula Vista animal shelter. You can also check out the other dogs they have for adoption by going HERE.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

From our home to yours! I hope everyone remembers to celebrate the real reason for this special day and focus less on the material things. We're having a nice relaxing weekend with Frank's cousin Ricky, they plan to spend the whole weekend playing xbox. Fine with me Frank can get his fix while Ricky is here :) Then the thing will be gone with Ricky.

Yesterday morning I took George (you'll meet him soon) for a long walk enjoying this amazing weather we have been blessed with. I wish it was staying around longer, but we only get it for a few days. I'll take what I can get though! I went back and forth with debating about what to make for dinner, traditional or something easy like lasagna. Since I had almost everything for a lasagna and have no idea how to cook any kind of bird, nor do I want to, I went with lasagna and homemade french bread with a salad. Delish :)

Then we ended our night at church celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It also made me glad that on a normal basis children under a certain age aren't aloud in the sanctuary. There were a few little ones crying the whole time and it wasn't until the end that the mom finally went to the back. The church has nursing rooms and a little chapel that they can go into and watch the service.. I was hoping they would have used them. I ended up not concentrating on the service because of the.. extra noise, but it didn't bother me that much since it only happens a few times a year.

This morning Michelle and I went out to Ocean Beach and got Starbucks to visit our friend and small group leader Maggie who was working today. I wish I would have taken my camera, OB was looking super cute with the Christmas decorations up. Total so cal Christmas ;)

Merry Christmas all!!
Here's a little tour of the few Christmas decorations we have around the house...

 Our poor snowman got drenched in the rain since I didn't think to move him. Sorry little guy!

 The wreath in the middle was made by Michelle at Maybe Sparrow. I absolutely LOVE it!! I want another wreath to hang year round.. I just don't know of what yet. She has more if you'd like to check them out.

Don't you just love our Christmas tree!? :) I got rid of our big tree over the summer since I didn't like it and it was just taking up space. Since we were gone for half of December there was no reason to spend money on a huge tree and decorations, I was however in love with these little colorful ones at Target! An $8 tree was perfect for me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Trip home part 2... Thanksgiving!

We started Thanksgiving day out with a brunch at my parents house. It was really just a whoever wants to come is invited type of thing. My mom's brother and half of his family was there, Frank's parents his brother and younger sister, Nicole and her boyfriend Brian and my friend Chelsea and her son Robby all came over. I spent the whole time in the kitchen cooking waffles since they were such a hit I just kept making more. Pumpkin waffles.. amazing! To bad I don't remember where I got them from.

Frank and his mom.. he's so cute haha

Me and my mom, we both spent the whole time in the kitchen.
LOVE this picture of me and Nicole! I didn't realize until I was looking at this picture... but Nicole's teeth look amazing! I'm sure her dad is happy since he paid so much for them to look so good :) ha

Apparently it was a long day for Molly so far...
Me, Chelsea and her son (my godson) Robby.

Frank and I didn't mind Apples to Apples, but the game "Things" was our favorite!!
Courtney and Paco
I had hoped to get the rest of the pictures up in this post, but there are already so many I don't want to overwhelm any one's computer. I should have made lots of collages... oh well. That just means more pictures to look out for :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Trip home part 1

These will mostly be just pictures.. not in order, edited, or even in focus... yea I'm slacking. I have lots going on right now, one of which I can't wait to post about! I just wanted to get these pictures out before I forgot.

Molly and her new friend Zoey (I totally posed them this way!)

Mmmm smores!!

CJ and Melanie at The Lights of Christmas

Turned out horrible but I love it! Frank his brother CJ and there mom.

SANTA! Weird picture, I know.

Even though it was freezing and they hate the cold, they love having lots of room to run around. Needless to say they spent a lot of time in the field behind my parents house.

This picture of Ellie makes me laugh :)