Friday, December 31, 2010

Trip home part 3

This just goes to show how out of order these pictures are going to be. The first ones I put up were from the beginning of our trip.. these are from when we were packing, driving up and our first few days at home. I also realized that they are almost all dogs! There are lots of dogs on both sides of our families :)

Molly packed and ready to go!

Not exactly sure how that was comfortable!?

I realize this is a horrible picture... but it could have been pretty freaking awesome if I was able to pull over and get out. Instead you get to enjoy our nice bug splattered wind shield :)

Miss Zo Zo being her cute self! Man I love her...

Playing in the field behind my parents house. I'm pretty sure they were squealing in delight at all the space they had.

This was interesting.. the only base by our parents is Everett Naval Station, which is definitely not an air station and Oak Harbour is about 45 plus minutes away... so this was a nice treat.

 A view of my parents house and the neighbors from the field. This really shows how big my parents house is.. it's pretty crazy.

Jack-man.. love this picture of him.

Ahh I love this picture of Goldie (Frank's sisters dog) it makes me laugh every time!

Me and my aunt Jean... I <3 her :)

If you can guess who's pregnant you win a prize!! ha

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