Friday, March 30, 2012

Still here

Still in Washington... And sick!! Not excited about that. I could feel it coming on over the weekend so I upped my emergenc-c intake but come Monday I had a full blown cold. I'm still trying to get over it but am happy to be feeling even a little better. Getting out of the house helped. My mom is doing amazing for the amount of fractures she has (I believe we know now the number is over 4 or 5). When I took her in to her doctor earlier this week he was shocked to see how well she was walking and feeling. I'm still helping with taking her places since she wont be cleared to drive for awhile. That's pretty much our day to day lives right now. Frank and the pups are enjoying their time alone. Playing at the beech and park... So the normal stuff. We are super close to having our debt paid off so I told frank that's what I want for my birthday. No debt! So if you don't know what to get me money on our last loan will do :] That's it for now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What a night!

After a 7 1/2 delay in Dallas due to a storm we finally made it to Seattle at 4:30 this morning! We had been hoping the storm would hold off long enough for us to take off but it didn't even really come close. Since it was a thunder/lighting storm they wouldn't wouldn't let anyone on the flight line to refuel the planes. As someone who has a husband who works on helicopters I completely understand the safety issue with that. I would never want frank out there working in lighting. So we were patient with the weather.
We also ended up having a good group of passengers who took it all in stride as well. And the ladies working the counter were amazing! It's like we all became friends over the night haha. Not much you can do about mother nature! They were super helpful with my mom and had a cot brought out for her to lay on which helped her a ton.

We had decided to wait it out unless they finally canceled the flight because the storm was going into today. Which meant all flights out today were booked and possibly going to be canceled as well. We did put our names down for a Wednesday flight just incase but thank the good Lord we did not have to use!

So my mom had upgraded to first class because I made her since I knew she would never survive the flight in coach. It was also her first time in first class! The wonderful flight attendants who made sure she was well taken care of (and that wasn't just because of being in first class, she just got EXTRA special care for that ha) asked if I wanted to move up to sit with her. Heck yes!! Ha this was my second free flight in first class :) love.

So we finally got in at 4:30, I got on a shuttle and went and got my moms car. Then we took this old lady home to Bellevue and finally got home to my parents at 7:30 :/ it was a hard drive!! After a shower (that I was afraid I was going to fall asleep during) and a 5 hour nap I feel amazing!

So that was our Monday ha. Sorry if this is all over the place, my mind is all over the place thinking about our days events!

Here are a few pictures from our night at the airport..

Friday, March 16, 2012

Watch your toes!

Well my mom is out of the hospital! We are staying at an extended stay near my aunts house till Monday when we fly home to Washington. We would have loved to stay with my aunt (I'm in love with her new house!) but sleeping wise just didn't work for my mom.
The extended stay works.. It's not the best, but we needed a little kitchenette and something close to my aunt. So we're fine with it.

Everyday she is able to move better and is no longer in horrible pain. She had been wanting to leave Saturday just because she was more than ready to be home and felt fine at the hospital. I convinced her to stay till Monday so she could rest and get used to walking with her walker longer distances and just doing more in general. After leaving the hospital yesterday she was very happy she agreed to stay.

Her company bought her a very nice wheelchair to use, which has been nice!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I've been doing...

Last week my mom was in Dallas for a women of aviation conference. She extended her stay for the weekend to stay visit with family. On her way to my aunts house she was involved in a pretty bad accident. Thankfully she has had my aunt here to help her and keep her company, but Monday I flew in to help out. She's still in the hospital with two fractures in her pelvis and a fracture between her pelvis and thigh (can not think of that bone name for the
Life of me!!). They say she should be leaving the hospital tomorrow which is nice... We just have no idea when we'll be leaving to go back to Washington.
I will be staying up there for a few weeks to help out since their dog also needs help from her surgery the week before my mom left. It will be fun :/ ha.
Totally NOT liking the hospital she is at but at least she has been getting good care!
Pray for healing and mobility!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh Yes!!

A few weeks back one of the ladies in my military group at church brought some homemade tortilla chips and homemade guacamole for us to snack on. I'm pretty positive I consumed most of them on my own.. while hoarding the bowl :] I asked how she made the chips and she said it is the easiest thing ever. And she was right!!

Heat some oil (I prefer extra virgin olive oil for stuff like this, vegetable and canola never step foot in our house) over medium heat. Cut up corn tortillas into 3rds then drop into oil and cook for a few seconds on each side. Flipping with tongs. Don't fill the pan up with tortillas, leave some room so they don't stick. You also do not want to text while making these or you will burn them.. you know it's just something I heard ;]

A little crank from the pink salt to top them off, then dip them into this goodness...

Some homemade guacamole. Mine is pretty plain compared to others, but that's how I like it. A little bit of pink salt, and some granulated onion powder. Simple yet amazing.

I know right now freezing things in ice cube trays is all the rage. Well I have no extra ice cube trays so I went old school and froze mine in a small container. We had 4 avocado's that we didn't get to and I knew we wouldn't be able to eat them before they went bad, so I made up 3 (1 was trash ready) small containers of mashed avocado (I like small chunks) and lemon juice. I decided at the last minute to make these chips so I put the guac container under warm water for a bit, then I stirred it up and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds two times stirring in between. It was good to go at that point, but too warm for my liking so I put it in the fridge until the chips were made. Perfecto!

Was this a healthy meal that I should have been eating? No (the guacamole was though!)
Was this an amazingly mouth watering good snack? YES!
Does my stomach hurt after eating said goodness? Of course

This isn't something I will be making often, but man is it an awesome treat every once in awhile.