Friday, March 30, 2012

Still here

Still in Washington... And sick!! Not excited about that. I could feel it coming on over the weekend so I upped my emergenc-c intake but come Monday I had a full blown cold. I'm still trying to get over it but am happy to be feeling even a little better. Getting out of the house helped. My mom is doing amazing for the amount of fractures she has (I believe we know now the number is over 4 or 5). When I took her in to her doctor earlier this week he was shocked to see how well she was walking and feeling. I'm still helping with taking her places since she wont be cleared to drive for awhile. That's pretty much our day to day lives right now. Frank and the pups are enjoying their time alone. Playing at the beech and park... So the normal stuff. We are super close to having our debt paid off so I told frank that's what I want for my birthday. No debt! So if you don't know what to get me money on our last loan will do :] That's it for now.

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