Sunday, September 29, 2013

iPhone//Instagram photos

Homemade hot cocoa :)
This blind dog was following along with us one day on our walk by the flight line!

The girls and i finally walked the whole flight line! Still have only done it the one time ha.
My view while reading and waiting on Frank before he left. Every time I go out to Yokosuka it makes me miss living right on the water.
Gotta love Japan!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


After 6 years of being married I finally booked our honeymoon!

We had no money and more debt than anyone that age should have. So a honeymoon was a distant dream. I had told Frank that once we paid our debt off and worked on our savings account that I wanted to go on a honeymoon. He pretty much left everything up to me on what we ended up doing. He's pretty awesome and knows how much this means to me :)

Talk about knocking two things out at once. We'll be in Turkey for my birthday! So we still have a few months to wait for the cruise itself. Next up I need to book our plane tickets. Now that's scary ha. 

It still doesn't seem real... Not only that we finally booked this after years of talking and planning, but the fact that we could afford to pay for it! So for anyone who might be reading this and feeling overwhelmed with debt and bills.. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Just stick with it :)

Oh and no Frank does not mind spending half the year on a boat and then going on a cruise.. Only to return to the boat shortly after this. People like to point that fact out. Not sure why. He's not working, I'm with him and it's much nicer digs ;) ha.

Monday, September 16, 2013

6 years

Holy cow 6 years! 3 states, 2 countries, 2 PCSs, countless smaller moves, 3 deployments and 2 dogs later! We also did the math an realized we have spent 22 months out of our 6 years married apart (as of right now). To our civilian friends that probably seems insane. To our military friends were lucky. 

It has been an amazing 6 years with my love and I can not wait to see what the next many more have to offer :)

I have no idea how Frank is spending our anniversary, but I do know it involves a ship and working ha. I thought I would get to enjoy the day at home having a Dawson's creek marathon due to the typhoon blowing through. However, min-ya decided to pass through by 12 so the gym opened back up and here I am celebrating with 3 awesome guys and some pizza ha.

I would also like to wish Keri and Brian a happy 7th anniversary and my sister in law Melanie a very happy birthday!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


A mini get-a-way for the day was just what I needed! Once I found out I would have Labor Day off with Frank I jumped at the chance to get out of our area and explore more of Japan. The peninsula it was.

We packed the dogs up and headed south to the Izu Peninsula. We were heading towards the Jogasaki-Kaigan Coast not really knowing what we were going to do exactly. I had been told there were nice trails to walk on with the girls that had amazing views, but I wasn't sure if that was along a beach, cliffs or whatnot. Initially I just dropped a pin in my maps for that area...

And this is where the pin to us ha. We ended up in the tiny little village of homes with the tiny crazy Japanese roads ha. All we could do was laugh about where I had us end up. We thankfully were just a few miles, if that, away from where we wanted to be.

It ended up being a Nature Preserve type park. We didn't realize that there were three parking lots so we ended up parking in the second on half way down the trail.

And off we go headed south...

If you can't tell these were all taken on my phone an edited with camera+. Now for some from the actual camera!

It was so beautiful! The heat and humidity were too much for Ellie and she was starting to go far too slow for our us so we didn't get to do the whole trail. I would love to go back in the fall once it cools off so we can do the whole thing.