Wednesday, September 4, 2013


A mini get-a-way for the day was just what I needed! Once I found out I would have Labor Day off with Frank I jumped at the chance to get out of our area and explore more of Japan. The peninsula it was.

We packed the dogs up and headed south to the Izu Peninsula. We were heading towards the Jogasaki-Kaigan Coast not really knowing what we were going to do exactly. I had been told there were nice trails to walk on with the girls that had amazing views, but I wasn't sure if that was along a beach, cliffs or whatnot. Initially I just dropped a pin in my maps for that area...

And this is where the pin to us ha. We ended up in the tiny little village of homes with the tiny crazy Japanese roads ha. All we could do was laugh about where I had us end up. We thankfully were just a few miles, if that, away from where we wanted to be.

It ended up being a Nature Preserve type park. We didn't realize that there were three parking lots so we ended up parking in the second on half way down the trail.

And off we go headed south...

If you can't tell these were all taken on my phone an edited with camera+. Now for some from the actual camera!

It was so beautiful! The heat and humidity were too much for Ellie and she was starting to go far too slow for our us so we didn't get to do the whole trail. I would love to go back in the fall once it cools off so we can do the whole thing.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Holy cow! What a gorgeous view! Glad you got to enjoy your day and have a little getaway!