Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello there...

Well.... I had no intentions of stepping away from the blog for a short time. Life happens :]

Not too much to catch up on right now though, just catching up with Glee and the rest of Nicholas Sparks' books that I hadn't read yet. Just finished The Guardian last night. Loved!

Hopefully we'll be heading out to Yokosuka this weekend so I should have something more interesting than Glee to update on ha.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vegan lemon poppyseed muffins

Heaven in your mouth! These are amazing. The actual recipe calls for Chia seeds but since they don't have them at the commissary (or at least I haven't found them yet) I used poppy seeds since I had those on hand. You MUST head over to Peas & Thank You and make these :]

Oh how I've missed baking... I was good, I only had 1 1/2 (shared one with Frank) then sent the rest to work with Frank.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow day...

From the view of my iPhone. Really hope these post in order!!

The first two were within a half hour of each other. Before the gym and after.

The last picture is my favorite. Our awesome new car 😀

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hey hey!!

Blogger is apparently having wide spread issues with uploading pictures. I am really hoping they get it fixed soon!

Lets see...

Frank and I are coming off our cold/flu run that has been hanging around for a few weeks. Because of this we've been stuck at home for too long. Tomorrow we're headed to Yokohama to shop in the magical land of ikea 😀 yes we will brave the crowds since we can't go during the week.

I'm still hoping to hear about my application. Pray for me all!! This girl wants a J-O-B!

Molly and Ellie have had to pay the price of us not feeling well. They are dying to go for a run. Poor girlies.

I've been getting more into researching different IRAs (somehow just found out TSP has one. And it's been around for a year!) , savings accounts.. I never thought that kind of stuff would excite me haha.

This was a big week furniture wise for us. In the 6 years we've been together we bought our first NEW bed and... TV! Yup, no longer using the computer, we now have 55 glorious inches to look at. I think a Channing tatum movie is in order 😉

Found a few new recipes that will forever be in our rotation. I can not wait to share them!!

We have 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting in our freezer that we can't eat for another 3 1/2 weeks. We started a 24 day challenge last week but Girl Scout cookies went on sale today. I didn't want to wait and risk them being out! This will be pure torture for us.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Big Buddha

I wrote this post yesterday but blogger isn't letting me upload pictures at the moment. Anyone else having troubles with it? It won't even bring up the 'browse' bar. Please ignore where it says {pictures}, that was my way of reminding myself where they were going. Hopefully I can post them soon!!

Guess I should post about our afternoon down to Kamakura before I forgot completely. We had planned to go down there for our field trip day in our ICR class, but instead had to detour to the vet. Since we are trying to save money right now so we can furnish our whole apartment with new stuff we aren't doing any big trips just yet. (I'm still trying to think of something to go see/do tomorrow!)

We had a pretty lazy morning before we actually got on our way. It was a nice day out so we decided to walk to the train station instead of catching the bus. Found out it is 2.4 miles from our front door to the train station :]

We had our first encounter with a drunk guy on the train... that was interesting!

When we actually got to Kamakura we were confused on where the Buddha was. Come to find out you get on this old two car train that takes you along the water. It was cramped but super cute! And much different from a normal train ride with local Japanese since most people were tourist. Our plan once we got off at the Buddha was to find food first since we were both getting hungry. We figured we'd have no problem since it's a tourist destination. Well we were wrong! All we could find was desserts. I had no idea ice cream was going to be the main attraction. We did find a few places that had actual food but it was either not very appealing looking (I was in the mood for sushi!) or way to price gouged.

Since we found the Buddha before food we decided to hold off for a bit and enjoy it all.

I threw my Yen in (Frank was carrying my bag since I had the camera so I asked him to get me some coins from my coin purse. If I remember correctly he gave me a 1 Yen coin ha. I was thinking more of a 500 Yen coin for good luck!) and said my prayer to the Buddha :]

We walked around the little garden area taking pictures then went on our way for either food or a temple. We did come up to a temple near the Buddha but decided not to go in since it cost more. I just added it as a mental note for when we bring visitors there.

At this point it was around 3:00 and we knew it would be getting dark soon so we walked down to the water to take a few more pictures and then grab a snack. Once we figured we wouldn't be finding much for food we decided on a snack to hold us over until we got back to our station.

What's funny to me is that we ended up at a Hawaiian shop. I'm not a fan of donuts but they had malasadas which apparently are Hawaiian donuts (never heard of them). They looked pretty tasty so I figured since we had walked so much that day why not try them. Oh they were heavenly! Frank got a chocolate

and I got a Cinnamon and sugar malasada.

If you ever go to see the Big Buddha you must stop at cafe Hula!

On our way back we decided to go the long way on the little train so we could see more of the water front towns. They were so cute! I can't wait to go spend a day down there exploring more once spring comes around :]


Once we got back to our area we were trying to figure out what we wanted to eat. I was still wanting sushi but Frank isn't a huge fan of it. He was nice and decided to give it a try so we stopped off at the sushi go-round near base (or as I like to call them, fast food sushi ha). It was decent, we got 8 plates for under 1000 Yen so I was pretty happy. The best part of all was seeing some of the American/Japanese options they had. Neither of us tried it but they had what looked like a mayo/corn mixture in a sushi roll and a fried chicken sushi roll ha! Frank tried that one and said it wasn't bad. (He did like what he had! Anything that isn't raw.)

All in all it was a fun day! I was more than ready to get home and warm up :]

Thursday, January 3, 2013

December/January goals

Well December was not a great month for the ole' goals!

::December goals::


WOOHOO!!! Loving it :]

Run a 5k (there is one!)
Boo to this one! We were still in our ICR class so we couldn't participate. We did find out that they have a 5k almost every month here!

Swim at least 5 miles
Didn't even get close to getting back in the pool :/

Walk dogs everyday (excluding travel days and Christmas[unless the kennel is open])

Track food everyday
I think you are seeing the pattern. I did get back to tracking my food at the end of the month.

Get back to church!
We are really liking the chapel here and I really like the command chaplain.

Enjoy our new home/surroundings : )

Haven't done too much yet, but we are just happy to be here!


Run the MLK 5K

Take part in the 1K swim challenge

Walk dogs everyday

Photo a day on instagram {I will post the week of pictures every Sunday}

Continue to track food

Get a job!

Explore 2 new places

Take the conversational Japanese classes

Start crossfit!

Read at least 2 of the books I have sitting unopened

I should point out that I plan to officially start this months goals tomorrow since I am a little behind on even coming up with goals for this month.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New year!

Happy 2013 everyone!! We rang in the new year at home with the dogs then went straight to bed. We are some wild people ;] Frank woke up New Years Eve morning with somewhat of a cold so he promptly decided that he was staying home all day. Works for me since we couldn't really do anything super fun. Curfew had been lifted till 1:00AM but if you live around NAF Atsugi or have ever been stationed in Japan in general you know that if we went to Tokyo or the Buddha we still wouldn't make it back to base in time. Staying at home instead of a random bar was just fine by me!

Frank's New Years Eve kiss...

I realized yesterday that I still haven't blogged about our first trip to Costco, and I still need to put up pictures from Kamakura. Also, I am going to do a picture a day on instagram this month! I will try and post them all on here every Sunday.. hopefully I can keep up with it ha. And if I am super lucky I will get around to doing a year in review post! It's been a few years since I've done one of those.

For now I will leave you with this awesome picture of myself...
We have been taking the dogs out to the dog park first thing in the mornings when it's nice out to let them really stretch their legs and get out any energy. This has been my lovely get up. That would be my pajama pants with my winter boots and jacket haha. I told Frank this is another reason why I need sweatpants, so I don't have to wear my PJ's out! Thankfully it's pretty early and nobody else is out.. I'm sure those driving by the park think I'm a loon! ha
Bring on 2013!!