Thursday, January 3, 2013

December/January goals

Well December was not a great month for the ole' goals!

::December goals::


WOOHOO!!! Loving it :]

Run a 5k (there is one!)
Boo to this one! We were still in our ICR class so we couldn't participate. We did find out that they have a 5k almost every month here!

Swim at least 5 miles
Didn't even get close to getting back in the pool :/

Walk dogs everyday (excluding travel days and Christmas[unless the kennel is open])

Track food everyday
I think you are seeing the pattern. I did get back to tracking my food at the end of the month.

Get back to church!
We are really liking the chapel here and I really like the command chaplain.

Enjoy our new home/surroundings : )

Haven't done too much yet, but we are just happy to be here!


Run the MLK 5K

Take part in the 1K swim challenge

Walk dogs everyday

Photo a day on instagram {I will post the week of pictures every Sunday}

Continue to track food

Get a job!

Explore 2 new places

Take the conversational Japanese classes

Start crossfit!

Read at least 2 of the books I have sitting unopened

I should point out that I plan to officially start this months goals tomorrow since I am a little behind on even coming up with goals for this month.

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Anonymous said...

Yaaay crossfit!!