Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hey hey!!

Blogger is apparently having wide spread issues with uploading pictures. I am really hoping they get it fixed soon!

Lets see...

Frank and I are coming off our cold/flu run that has been hanging around for a few weeks. Because of this we've been stuck at home for too long. Tomorrow we're headed to Yokohama to shop in the magical land of ikea 😀 yes we will brave the crowds since we can't go during the week.

I'm still hoping to hear about my application. Pray for me all!! This girl wants a J-O-B!

Molly and Ellie have had to pay the price of us not feeling well. They are dying to go for a run. Poor girlies.

I've been getting more into researching different IRAs (somehow just found out TSP has one. And it's been around for a year!) , savings accounts.. I never thought that kind of stuff would excite me haha.

This was a big week furniture wise for us. In the 6 years we've been together we bought our first NEW bed and... TV! Yup, no longer using the computer, we now have 55 glorious inches to look at. I think a Channing tatum movie is in order 😉

Found a few new recipes that will forever be in our rotation. I can not wait to share them!!

We have 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting in our freezer that we can't eat for another 3 1/2 weeks. We started a 24 day challenge last week but Girl Scout cookies went on sale today. I didn't want to wait and risk them being out! This will be pure torture for us.

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