Friday, March 16, 2012

Watch your toes!

Well my mom is out of the hospital! We are staying at an extended stay near my aunts house till Monday when we fly home to Washington. We would have loved to stay with my aunt (I'm in love with her new house!) but sleeping wise just didn't work for my mom.
The extended stay works.. It's not the best, but we needed a little kitchenette and something close to my aunt. So we're fine with it.

Everyday she is able to move better and is no longer in horrible pain. She had been wanting to leave Saturday just because she was more than ready to be home and felt fine at the hospital. I convinced her to stay till Monday so she could rest and get used to walking with her walker longer distances and just doing more in general. After leaving the hospital yesterday she was very happy she agreed to stay.

Her company bought her a very nice wheelchair to use, which has been nice!

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Kelsey Claire said...

I am right with your mom on wanting to get out of the hospital! I am glad she is feeling better!