Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I've been doing...

Last week my mom was in Dallas for a women of aviation conference. She extended her stay for the weekend to stay visit with family. On her way to my aunts house she was involved in a pretty bad accident. Thankfully she has had my aunt here to help her and keep her company, but Monday I flew in to help out. She's still in the hospital with two fractures in her pelvis and a fracture between her pelvis and thigh (can not think of that bone name for the
Life of me!!). They say she should be leaving the hospital tomorrow which is nice... We just have no idea when we'll be leaving to go back to Washington.
I will be staying up there for a few weeks to help out since their dog also needs help from her surgery the week before my mom left. It will be fun :/ ha.
Totally NOT liking the hospital she is at but at least she has been getting good care!
Pray for healing and mobility!!

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