Friday, December 24, 2010

Trip home part 2... Thanksgiving!

We started Thanksgiving day out with a brunch at my parents house. It was really just a whoever wants to come is invited type of thing. My mom's brother and half of his family was there, Frank's parents his brother and younger sister, Nicole and her boyfriend Brian and my friend Chelsea and her son Robby all came over. I spent the whole time in the kitchen cooking waffles since they were such a hit I just kept making more. Pumpkin waffles.. amazing! To bad I don't remember where I got them from.

Frank and his mom.. he's so cute haha

Me and my mom, we both spent the whole time in the kitchen.
LOVE this picture of me and Nicole! I didn't realize until I was looking at this picture... but Nicole's teeth look amazing! I'm sure her dad is happy since he paid so much for them to look so good :) ha

Apparently it was a long day for Molly so far...
Me, Chelsea and her son (my godson) Robby.

Frank and I didn't mind Apples to Apples, but the game "Things" was our favorite!!
Courtney and Paco
I had hoped to get the rest of the pictures up in this post, but there are already so many I don't want to overwhelm any one's computer. I should have made lots of collages... oh well. That just means more pictures to look out for :)

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