Friday, September 30, 2011

Update: Surgery

Frank went in at 6:00 this morning for his surgery. I had him call me before he was picked up at 5:30 and he was ready to get this over with. I don't know too many details, but his doctor called me at 8:30 west coast time so it was 11:30 eastern time. Not sure if that meant he was in surgery the whole time or part of it... he had just come out of surgery at the time though. The doctor said the break was more/worse than they thought so surgery was his only option (apparently some people don't do the surgery for whatever reasons so it was an option they gave him in the beginning). So now he's put back together by a plate and screws. He will be in the hospital till tomorrow so I'm not sure when he will be coherent enough to call himself, I'm guessing late tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Lucky Frank gets to go home to boys taking care of him ha. I am really grateful for his roommates and friends who will be helping, I've already told them how much I appreciate it. Thankfully for them Frank is a pretty easy patient!

That's about all I have for now, prayers for a quick recovery would be nice :]

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