Sunday, October 2, 2011

September goals.. OY..

I'm not sure how to put September into words... it's was a crazy, interesting month to say the least. I'm actually looking forward to getting back more into a routine in October. Needless to say my goals for September sucked! Although Molly was the reason behind them not getting to do much (she torn up her neck on some bushes at the beginning of the month and then it took almost all of September to heal because she wouldn't leave it alone). So lets see how horrid I did...
Run outside twice a week FAIL!
I did run outside a few times.. getting there!

Run a 5K FAIL!!
So disappointed in myself with this one. I had the option to run one and I chickened out at the last minute because I wasn't feeling too good.

Read the book of Matthew in full every week FAIL!
I did read it a few weeks.. but then I started slacking on any kind of reading.

Read two books FAIL!! This is just depressing to look at..
I have 4 books sitting on my nightstand... What the heck!!

Go to the dog park once a week FAIL
We did make it once... now I just need to add 3 more days to that :]

Take the dogs for a daily walk Half
I was loving our walks again but then after Molly wasn't able to wear a collar the walks had to stop

Start the 100 days of real food challenge YES! New way of life for me :]
This has been the best thing I could do for myself, I can't wait till Frank comes home and he can see why I love eating this way!

Pretty depressing to look at all the fails.. October we must redeem ourselves!

October goals:

Start the Hawaii Island swim challenge at the gym, swim 3 days a week (at least)
Run outside once a week (weather permitting)
Read two books
Read the book of Joel every day
Go sugar free
Take the dogs for a daily walk (weather permitting)
Go to the dog park once a week
Document one new recipe a week (not sure why I've gotten so lazy about this lately)

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