Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dental friends... HELP!

Okay so I know I have a few blogging friends who are dental hygienists... I would like your advice please! I've been thinking about going back to school to become a dental assistant. Yes I know it's not what you do, but I'm hoping you could give some insight if possible!? I've read that some don't go to school for it and just learn on the job, but I haven't seen any posting like that so I'm guessing it's rare?
This isn't a for sure thing yet since Frank and I have already decided I'd stay at home. I love being a house wife, in all honesty I never thought it would be me I always pictured myself as a career women. But once I couldn't work due to multiple injuries I realized I LOVED being at home taking care of everything. So that's where I'm torn on if I want to start a career.

One thing I do like about dental assisting programs is that they are short and don't cost too terribly much, but being military we move a lot and I worry that might be a problem. Humm.. So dental friends, advice!? The good, the bad and the ugly is all encouraged :]

In other news summer is pretty much over in the Northwest. I'm sad but so very thankful for those two weeks of beautiful weather we were blessed with!

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