Sunday, February 27, 2011

The happenings

People keep asking how I'm doing with Frank gone (it comes with the territory but I figured I'd just put it out there for everyone). Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping for some juicy depression or what not, but it's been pretty much the same. The only difference is that I'm really busy with trying to start up our Advocare business. Since we are able to text each other multiple times a day and talk quite often, it's been rather easy. Once he gets to GTMO our communication will drop significantly because he doesn't have a laptop yet and I don't want to pay for phone cards since that will just take away from the money we're saving for the laptop. So we'll just have to rely on good old fashion email ;] ha. I laughed a little calling it old fashioned.. it's getting there these days!

There we're no tears when he left, no staying in bed for hours or days on end. I love to cook and clean (and actually love it more when I'm only doing it for myself!!) so nothing has changed there. I did have my first breakdown yesterday, but honestly that could have happened with him here or not. In the last 4 days the dogs have chewed up 3 different cords. The last one they did was the power cord for the Internet. I was angry with them. VERY ANGRY! I started hyperventilating because I didn't really know what to do with it all, a few tears were shed, but I mostly wanted to hit something. I laid down for about 30 minutes to calm myself down and then picked up the mess and headed to AT&T to get a new cord. Exciting story I know ;]

For some odd reason if you don't cry over your significant other leaving, or if you have no problem being going on about your days without him actually there there is something wrong with you. People can be weird sometimes! I would like to put it out there that YES I do miss Frank a lot, hello why wouldn't I miss him!? One of the reason's I don't mind being apart is that we are able to not take the time we have together for granted. And I love that.

We always look at him leaving as a reason (other than he has to) behind it. With this one we were at the point where we needed to focus on ourselves for a little while. Work on strengthening our relationship with God and ourselves. There is so much to learn and grow from, and then being able to bring that back into our relationship when we are together again. It's exciting to us.

SIDE NOTE: My fingers are freezing and making it hard to type, I am going to try to catch all the typo's but I have a feeling I won't get them all. This cold weather is NOT making me happy! It needs to warm up. AND FAST!

LOVE THIS song by Rascal Flatts! I'm not a fan of PDA but this couple is too cute :]


Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you! I was one who was worried about how you would do, but not any more... I knew you would be able to take care of yourself when you were a little girl, but I also know how much you love taking care of Frank and bouncing ideas off of him..

I agree with your statement about it happening at this time for a reason... everything happens for a reason, and you will both learn a lot about yourselves.

Technology does make it easier to communicate when you are apart... shoot, I thought cordless phones were the height of cool when I was 23, and "communicators" were very Star Wars or Star Track". Dad can not stop saying "beam me up Scotty" when he flips open his cell phone. And of course we had the ever popular pen and paper to write a letter. You might also try that once in a while. it can be very therapeutic putting words on paper, and Frank might enjoy actually receiving snail mail.

And after Dad & I spend a week with you in May, I am sure you will be very glad you live 3,000 miles away. :o)

Kiss the girls for me, even if you are mad at them for chewing up cords. If I didn't know that they love cords, i'd say they are mis-behaving because they miss Frank.

I love you... keep up the good work.
p.s. Dad wants to know if he can walk on the "walker" at your gym in his underwear, like he does here? He was offended when I said NO.


La Familia Workman said...

You're so inspiring Emily! Your positive attitude is going to be a great tool for you. Sorry to hear about the dogs misbehaving...actually sounds a lot like Chunk when Troy leaves for a while. They lose the sense of the alpha male being around. I'm sure your job will help keep you occupied too. I know it would only keep me sane! And since you seem to like staying busy, I'm sure you wont mind it. : )

d.a.r. said...

Ya know...I don't really cry either. I mean, there are days when I want to scream or just hide under the covers, but I was never much of a crier.

We all cope differently. As long as you are doing whatever you need to do to stay happy and healthy and survive'n thrive, then rock on sister.

Take care of yourself :)