Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exciting news

Some awesome news to share... George has been adopted! I was almost emotional over it, for good reasons, but then the excitement took over in me.

Two weeks ago he went with an older couple who were more than excited to bring him into there family. I took him out there for a meet and greet and knew immediately that he was in the right place. They love big dogs, I believe George is the smallest they've had. And best of all they knew he was going to require lots of work to help him heal from him past. The day before there one week trial was suppose to end Debbie (George's new mom) called and asked for an additional week. They had had a major set back the day before. One of George's problem is being afraid of being left outside since he was left for dead in a park. They live on 4 acres that are fenced so they wanted him to explore on his own and get a feel for it all. Apparently George went crazy and ran off and hid for a while. After he came back he had shut down from everything. They didn't want to give up on him though which is why I still felt like he was meant to be with them.

They called in a trainer to work with him and after just a couple sessions George had made huge improvements. The trainer was certain he would pass with flying colors. So less than a week after asking for the extension Debbie emailed me telling they wanted to finalize everything :] What an amazing couple they are. I couldn't have been more happy for them to find George, they cared and loved him and wanted to help him as much as we did. I continue to pray for them and George, I only want them best for them all.

In other good news my BECU credit card is officially paid off and CANCELED! It feels great. Now we only have our Navy Fed card and two car loans left. Once we start making money from Advocare it will be going straight to the card and getting that thing knocked out.

By the by.. I got a birthday coming up in a few months. If you want to get me anything (and no I'm not asking but there are a few people who will want to do something) just give me cash to put towards our debt. I really don't want anything, I always feel weird getting gifts.

More random posts to come soon. I have some dishes to get done tonight and don't feel like staying up late just to do that, not want I call a fun reason to stay up late.


Anonymous said...

Congrats and Blessings to George and his new family!!!!

Love Mom

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Oh, what a cutie!! Glad he was adopted and has a nice home! :)