Friday, March 4, 2011


Excuses are nails used to build a house of failure

This has become one of my new favorite quotes. I just wish I could say I wrote it. A fellow Advocare advisor (I'm so close!) shared this on facebook. This was me growing up, I had an excuse for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! It wasn't till a few years ago that I realized that I was the only one stopping me from succeeding in life. I was far to afraid of failure, rejection, disappointment and way to stubborn and always wanting to do things my way.

Guess what? I was wrong!

Frank helped me see that I could do far more than I ever thought possible. He kept pushing me when I wanted to give up, it was a real break through. I still battle with my fear of failure, but I have learned that I don't need to hold all those emotions in and try to work on them myself. As soon as I asked God for help and put all trust in Him, this weight began to lift off my shoulders. Now it still is a daily struggle for me but right now all I can do is be obedient. It's some great advice that I should never forget.

I wonder why Advocare never came into my life sooner. With as much emotion and energy I put into helping others just because, I could have made such an impact on peoples lives by now. Who knows, maybe I have and I just don't see it yet...


d.a.r. said...

I love that quote!!!

Nick T. said...

I hope you know you impacted me when I was dropping weight with your encouragement and cheerleading! :) And it was very much appreciated. I can't remember my login info so it's generic today! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome babe I love u keep going strong

Anonymous said...

ok, you made me cry... I like to think I did all I could to help you get over your fears, and yes, I always knew they were there, and I always knew I fell short somewhere... One of the reasons I love Frank so much is that he so willingly stepped in to support you emotionally were I failed. Thank you Frank!

Advocare came to you now because you were not ready for it before!!! Remember, it's all in God's time, not ours.

My favorite saying:
I Live In GOD / Universal Truth!
I Live in GOD / Universal Economy!

Remove the word debt from your vocabulary and it will go away forever.

And you have ALWAYS inspired those around you, just by being you. Even when you are being stubborn... and way to hard on yourself :o).

Keep up the great work.. I love you... Mom