Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yea I couldn't think of a good title. That's pretty much how I feel right now though. Last night I registered for success school, it's a weekend of Advocare! They hold it twice a year, this last weekend was the winter school but since Frank was leaving we didn't go.. obviously. I heard the summer one was going to be in August... I was getting nervous! My friends wedding is in August, and I wasn't missing that. Needless to say I was jumping up and down excited (it was really weird because I was by myself!) because success school was going to be the weekend AFTER her wedding! YAY!

So August is going to be a busy busy month! I haven't decided how long I'll be going home for for the wedding, but I will be going straight from Washington to Texas for Advocare. Then after a crazy full weekend of learning I'll be staying in Dallas to visit family for a certain amount of time. Waiting to see how long aunt wants me for :]

SIDE NOTE: I'm doing a few things at once so if this post doesn't make sense.. sorry! I'm trying to focus but it's not working :]

I have some recipes I want to blog about, but I'm waiting to have a few to blog about at once.. I really don't want to upload a few pictures at a time. So you can look forward to some food soon.

Another random little tid bit.. I'm sitting around waiting for our tax return to post so I can head to the bank and take the money out then head to another bank to pay off my credit card! It's a happy day for me. I'm also waiting for my recent Advocare purchase to show up. That right there makes my week ha.

Hummm.. can I make this anymore random?? I think I'm good for now :]


This is by Ron Reynolds VP of Distributor Development & Training at Advocare. I describes EXACTLY how i'm feeling right now.. oy and I still don't know what to do :/

A few weeks ago, after what seemed to be an endless onslaught of winter ice and snow across much of the nation - and especially here in Dallas where it drove people to experience "cabin fever" - the temperatures have moderated as we grow ever closer toward a springtime of both temperature and opportunity.

Like many of you reading this message, I had reached my limits of endurance in "late openings due to inclement weather," driving on ice-packed and snow-covered roads, and waiting for a better day tomorrow, only to find the anticipated "better day" was more of the same.

It sort of works that way in your business as well; Mary, in her best attempt to remain optimistic and hopeful says to her team, "Smile, everyone - things could be worse," so they all smiled and sure enough, things got worse.

Through it all, however, while some experienced decreased results in spite of their best efforts, a majority plowed their way through the adversity and as a result, the collective efforts of many resulted in a continued upward climb in AdvoCare of record-setting performance. The lesson in all of this is that if enough keep plowing, the harvest becomes larger. But now the time returns for us to move into the springtime of opportunity; it isn't far off now, so we must forget the setbacks and the obstacles, for as someone who I cannot remember wisely said, "Behind every setback, there's a comeback," and if we can do as well as we have done in spite of the setbacks think about how it's going to be now that the snow and the ice is turning to water, the water is feeding and nourishing the soil, and the moisture is making the soil more abundantly ready for the seed we shall plant in large quantity.

We must not, however, wait for the calendar to announce that it's officially springtime. This is the moment to plant the seeds by making lots of calls, hosting lots of Mixers, and getting a jump on the seasons so that we'll be the "first out of the gate" in the race toward creating larger teams, making more sales, earning higher pins, changing many lives for the better, and in the process of it all, increasing our own level of income so we can eliminate debt and become more financially independent. To repeat, don't wait for the season to change, go into action now.

It is not the time, however, to wait and watch; being patient has its limits. Its high levels of activity that is the order of the day, for surely activity must precede increased productivity; we must plant quickly and abundantly in the spring so we can reap abundantly in the fall. The seasons aren't going to wait for us to get ready, they aren't going to wait for our mood to change, and they aren't to care whether we seize this moment of opportunity or let it pass. We all have a "better mood button" that lets us reset all the bad memories of the past. Press it, and move on!

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