Monday, February 14, 2011

My Oh My!

Hello all! Are you still there?? I can't believe I even have a few new followers.. that one surprised me to say the least. A little recap of what we've been up to..

  • George went with a family for a week on a trial run and ended up with us again, there is another couple interested in him so I'm praying it works out! We've been taking him to lots of adoption events with SNAP.
  • Molly and Ellie continue to be annoying (nothing new there)
  • I got a JOB! And started working. I work on base as a rec aid in two of the gyms doing front desk stuff. I'm loving it :) I got to work this cona beach run and Frank volunteered. I just work a few hours here and there which is what I wanted so I'm happy about that.
  • Frank and I started selling Advocare! We absolutely love it and hope we can help lots of people with getting healthy and possibly debt freedom! Check out our site and ask questions if you have any.
  • Busy busy with church stuff.
  • Frank got orders for Guantanamo Bay December 24 (he volunteered for it) we had about a month in a half to get ready for it since everyone was on leave for the holiday's. He left this morning and will be gone for 13 months. Poor guy had a 4 hour delay and is now sitting in Atlanta on a 7 hour layover. He at least got free food because of it, too bad it's nothing good for him ha.
  • In august I will be going home for a friends wedding then straight down to Dallas for success school with Advocare (we missed the winter one because it's going on right now). I'll be staying afterwards to visit with family :) Haven't seen them in a few years so I'm excited for that visit.
  • We are one step closer to debt freedom. YAY :)
  • My parents planned a trip down this way for my birthday in May. I have a long list of stuff to do already ha. Then in August after Nicole and Brad (her fiance) get married they are planning a trip down here to hit up amusement parks. Nicole and I are both excited to show Brad around!
I know there is more I just can't think of it right now :/ humm... oh Frank's brother's girlfriend having a baby in less then 6 weeks (hopefully!) so that's pretty exciting! I have a list of IA challenges I plan to accomplish while Frank is gone. I need to post that soon. For those that don't know what IA is, it's Individual Augmentee Orders. Meaning he's not with his command on this, it's just him going on a deployment for a year to a certain area that follows under the category. If anyone can explain it better feel free to ha.

It feels good to be back to blogging, I have missed you all :) And hello to the few of you who are new!

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What are your IA projects?

Happy Valentines Day

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