Saturday, January 16, 2016

New adventures

What a week! We left Japan on January 7  (with enough luggage to fill up a suburban!) to start new adventures in Whidbey Island. Thursday number 2 (the day we arrived) I ended up sleeping away while Frank and Cameron went and saw family. Jet lag hit me HARD! 
Friday we went up to Oak Harbor to check in with housing and let them know we were here. Our move in date had been set for the 22nd so we pretty much were just there to confirm it. As we were about to leave the lady who was helping us realized our house was ready now and we could move in on Tuesday!! Of course we said yes! As excited as we were it also meant we had to fast track everything. We had no car, washer and dryer and still had plans with family so having to fit that all into 3 days was pretty intense. We spent Tuesday going back and forth between Oak Harbor and Marysville moving our stuff up and grocery shopping. Wednesday we spent running errands and Thursday, a week after leaving Japan we FINALLY had a day to somewhat relax! Just craziness.
Home sweet home for the next 3 years...

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