Thursday, August 20, 2009


About a week ago Frank and I took Molly and Ellie to Fiesta Island at Mission Bay with Ashley and Charlie. Besides it being a little cold, we had a good time.
Molly and Ellie got in trouble and we made them sit by us, so they decided to sunbath

Ashley and Charlie

Last night Ashley, Moose and Charlie joined us at the dog park. It was crazy busy there with tons of poochs! i've never seen that many dogs there at once before.
When we were leaving we put the dogs on the hood of the truck. They weren't sure what to think of it
This dog was hilarious, he kept hiding the ball in our water dish.

Charlie and his new friend...
Watching Molly and this beagle playing was awesome, they were doing the exact same thing! I guess Molly has alot more beagle traits than I thought!

Moose and Charlie waiting for Ashley to throw them the ball...


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool pictures! I can't wait to come down there next summer and see all these places for real. The dogs look like they all had a great time!

Ashley said...

LOVE the pictures! I don't know if it's Mollie or Ellie in the picture of them hiding behind the chair leg....but it's sooo cute! I might have to steal a couple of the pics ;)

Longley's said...

it's Ellie, that was one of my "take the picture without looking" shots ha oh and i think i'm going to get Ellie a new collar soon... i'll make sure it's still pink so you can tell them apart haha