Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've decided that Monday's will be "Nick" days. For those of you who don't know Nick is a friend of mine from back home. 19 weeks ago he decided that NOW was when he was going to live his life the healthy way. He made his way to the gym for the very first time at 359.8 pounds [he said its okay to put it up, i'm hoping his story will helps other =)] and as of Monday he is 102 pounds lighter!!!!! If you watch the Biggest loser then you know who Jillian and Bob are, I call myself his Jillian through the internet ha I'm so happy for him and all he has acomplished in 19 weeks. He says he has about another 87 pounds to go till he gets to his goal weight, then it will be time to maintain for life. While Frank and I were home in July I went shopping with Nick and helped him pick out goal clothes. He just gave me an update earlier saying that he fits into the 38's [I believe that's the size] but they are still a bit tight. If anyone cares to follow Nick with his journey to a healthier life, or would like to pass his story along this is a link to his blog

I thought I had a Before picture but I didn't so I used his "Before/After" picture for when he had lost 73 pounds for the BBQ while I was home. So the picture on the left his is actual Before.

And this is "After" losing 102 pounds!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Emily! Hopefully at least one person just happens to come across this and become motivated. :) I'm excited now for every Monday for yet another reason! :) The next picture should be me wearing those fly jeans we bought a while back! I can't believe I'm almost down to that size already....crazy times.

Danielle Lozeau said...

Wow! Congratulations Nick! What an inspiring story! It's amazing what we are capable to doing when we put our mind too it. Keep up the good work!