Monday, August 17, 2009


Cops left not too long ago. we're pretty much S.O.L since phones and wallets are hard to get back. We already canceled Frank's credit card and check card, we will let Tmobile know tomorrow that our phones were stolen. We are very thankfull for Ellie cause who knows what they would have taken if she didn't start barking. And of course it's our fault because we had the backdoor open with the screen door closed, but nothing was locked. We never keep it open past 9 but of course tonight was the one night... we also found out that the street right behind out apartment is a really bad area. Our apartment is a good place the cop said he has never heard of anything happening at our complex. We think one of our neighbors did it because where our apartment is, is not a location that random people just walk past. The only people to come to this area of the complex are the people who live in these few apartments next to us. Now it's time for bed... I just hope I can sleep!

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