Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 pounds down and a doctors visit!

Today is Monday, meaning it's Nick update time ha! These pictures I used as recent are from last week and he's lost 5 pounds since then. He was pretty excited cause this was the first time he's worn jeans in years! And he now fits into his first pair of goal jeans that are a size 38. This last week he changed up his diet and saw a good result out of it with the 5 pound loss. WAY TO GO NICK!

In other news I finally had my appointment for my back. I was worried that I wasn't going to get much out of the visit and that I wasn't going to like the doctor.. yadda yadda. Anyways, I really liked the doctor so I will continue to see him while we are here in San Diego. I also figured out what is wrong, sciatic nerve. No this wasn't a suprise to me or anyone really, but I wasn't 100% sure since i'm not a doctor or anything. He actually told me I should start doing yoga to help [[my mom LOVED that! haha]] and gave me a packet of stretches to do and other info. My mom was hoping he would send me to physical therepy but it might be cause at the moment i'm doing okay with the pain. I'll go back in 2 months for a check up to see how i'm progressing and if nothing is happening then i'll ask to go to physcial therepy. One thing I really liked about him, is that he didn't push medications on me. I've been to doctors who would rather give me pills than lets say take yoga! So i'm pretty happy =)
Let's see... my ankle still hurts, but I just got to deal since tomorrow is PAYDAY!! And I have a million things to get done. YAY for having money to pay all the bills!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture you did! It looks awesome. :) I got my bracelet today. It's pretty cool to actually have. It was definitely worth it.

Good news about your back...well sort of. I mean at least you know what's going on now, and you have some GOOD, and HEALTHY options to help it, which is always the way to go. I agree with you on the medications thing 100%. Call me old fashioned, but didn't people get along fine without them for years? I believe that meds are just used to treat the people, not the problem. That's why I'm doing psychology and not psychiatry, cause I don't want to write out perscriptions all day haha. Isn't bill paying time just awesome? I'm getting a wonderful 380 dollar paycheck since I took my vacation, and 300 dollars goes to my car! WOOT! Ok, I'm rambling, but again, I LOVE that picture!

Longley's said...

Thank you about the pictures, i'm using a new program so I was exploring it and decided to try some stuff out! I love paying bills when we actually have the money to pay them!!! when we don't have the money to pay them... it's not so fun ha

Ashley said...

I'm so glad you finally know what's wrong with your back!! Hopefully it will start feeling a little bit better from those stretches he gave you.

La Familia Workman said...

Wow, your friend here has done an amazing job! Such willpower! You did an awesome job with those pics up top. What application is that?

Longley's said...

it's picasa 3. i'm still learning how it works.