Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Pictures!!

This was right after Molly got her bath, Ellie was laying in the tub getting all clean =]

After they get a bath they go CRAZY!! It's really weird ha

I couldn't believe Ellie closed her eyes!! I guess she didn't want a picture.

We're so nice, we put the treats infront of them but they can't get to them.

Sitting pretty!

This has to be THE BEST picture ever ha Molly the flying dog.


Ellie was just standing there pretty much the whole time on her back legs

Ellie doing what she does best... shake...

Now if only Molly would shake! Ellie was shaking my hand while I was shaking Molly's ha

If you look at there paws, they have treats on them. They are doing "leave".

Ellie doing roll over.


La Familia Workman said...

Cute! They look trained well. We just started the command training with Chunk. I forgot how much fun it can be but also so much work. Do your dogs like the bath?

Longley's said...

training ellie is easy, she learns things really fast and training her is just much easier. now molly is a totally different story!! ha she is so stubborn and she takes forever to learn something. it's hard for me to train them. they are okay with baths. they don't like them, but they don't fight them anymore. ellie just started laying down in the tub while bathing.. well we put her that way so we can clean her off, but she stays laying down. its cute, i wanted to get a picture last night but frank took too long getting the camera.. .maybe next time =}

danielle.lozeau said...

They are so cute! I smile every time I see your pictures of them :)

Anonymous said...

We want them back so they can pair with Jack (Brandon's girlfriend Ashleigh's terrier), Sparky & Maggie... then we'd have a gang of little dogs to go along with the gang of big dogs... And then we can all watch Cheech have a heart attach trying to be "pack leader" to so many. Love Mom