Monday, October 19, 2009

The good and the bad

Today was a good day for food! For an afternoon snack I made two different cresent rolls that I found at For the love of cooking. The first ones I made were peanut butter and caramel. The recipe she used is with chocolate chips, but since I didn't have any I just put a little caramel in with the peanut butter. I loved them, Frank didn't care for these ones much.. I want more now that i'm typing this! ha You can go here to check out the recipe.

The second ones I made were cinnamon and sugar. These are the ones Frank really liked, I didn't care much for them but that was because I used to much of the cinnamon and sugar and not enough butter.

For dinner tonight I made a veggie quiche! This is yet another great find I found at For the love of cooking, man I love that site ha. I added some broccoli to the quiche since to me broccoli goes great in a quiche. I loved that this was a potato crust, it made the dish so much better. If you like quiche or are a fan of veggies you should really check out the recipe here. Frank even liked this!! yay =]

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