Wednesday, November 4, 2009


There really has been nothing going on this last week for us... it's kinda sad. Every day I think of things to blog about, but nada!

I have started getting ready for my mom's visit since she is on Weight Watchers. She can eat anything in moderation if she wants, however she hasn't eaten sugar [[unless it comes from a fruit]] in a few years. I really just want to make sure she has lots to eat that she likes! ha I've been thinking of all the places we can take her, and that she wants to go.. she hasn't been to San Diego in like 30 years ha.

That ours excitment♥


Anonymous said...

Yay for being able to eat things in moderation! I can't wait to get to that stage! I just want like on serving of onion rings (baked of course not fried from the queen!) that's it. But I would rather drop the weight first. ;) And trust me, it's a good thing to sometimes not have a whole lot going means you've been able to relax somewhat!

Frank and Emily said...

I think she's been able to eat whatever she wants in moderation the whole time. I think that's what Weight Watchers is about.. how to eat normaly but healthy.