Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Believe In

I got this idea from Kim at NewlyWoodward so I thought I'd make a list of my own...

I Believe In....
  • The calmness of a secluded beach
  • A clean house
  • Money in the bank!
  • A home cooked meal every night
  • Spell check
  • The lasting image from a photograph
  • Candles
  • Animal rights
  • MYSELF.. sometimes
  • Love
  • Forever friendships
  • Friends entire season on DVD
  • Lazy Sunday's
  • My family :]
{{I had a picture to insert right here of Frank, me and the dogs but for some reason it's not working. Boo. I'll try to upload the photo tomorrow.}}

What do you believe in?


La Familia Workman said...

This is such a cute idea! I like the "Money in the bank!" one, lol. I believe in that too : )

La Familia Workman said...

I believe in REMEMBERING to write what I believe in...hehe.

~I believe in love-I'll explain this in a new idea for a blog you just gave me.
~ I believe in the scent of a candle, more so the serenity and calmness it brings my home.
~ I believe in Karma....definitely "what goes around, comes around".

I'm going to write more on my blog so I don't take up your whole comment page, lol.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Great list. It's kinda fun to think outside the box on this one, isn't it? =)

Nick said...

Oh fun! Let's see....

I believe in:

-working hard to get what you want
-taking time for yourself. EVERYDAY
-Mario, Bowser and the whole Mushroom Kingdom
-the power of a smile
-getting out of something what you put into it
-giving everyone a chance
-working out when I'm angry :)
-enjoying your family, no matter how crazy
-being around good friends
-lip syncing on the treadmill
-the fact one day I will meet Kelly Clarkson

That's all I could think up now. There's more in my head but I can't get it out! Haha..School has got the majority of my mind right now...maybe I'll post a longer list on my blog after next Wednesday when school gets easier!

Anonymous said...

How about taking this all one step further and making a list of what you are grateful for? Gratitude is a very powerful and positive emotion.

I am GRATEFUL for:
~ Family (and to borrow Nick's words, no matter how crazy or co-dependant)
~ A roof over my head at night that I can call my own
~ My Health
~ Money in the bank
~ Employment that I enjoy and the beautiful view out my office window of Procession Point/Puget Sound
~ Friends
~ The YMCA/Yoga Classes & Weight Watchers
~ The freedom to make all kinds of choices

I too am going to have to give this more thought on how to put in writing a jumble of thoughts. Thanks for the idea.

Love Mom