Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's crazy the amount of things you can do in a matter of 4 days. I've been working on this blog for 2 days now because I'm still trying to catch up around the house and with getting back to the gym. Emily overload!

I picked Nicole up at LAX (I made GREAT time getting up there, made for a nice start to an amazing weekend!) then we headed over to the LA Live center which is where the Staples Center is for those of you who don't know. I parked in the parking garage there since I don't have the best of luck just parking at any old parking lot. I wasn't happy about having to pay $25 but it was worth it to keep my car in one piece. We had a few hours to spare so we went and saw 'The Last Song'. SOOO good! I want to read the book now. After the movie we started walking around the area looking for something affordable to eat. Out of the corner of my eye what do I spot? California Pizza Kitchen! Oh CPK how I love you :) Nicole had never been there. WHAT!? How is that possible ha There isn't any up her way at home, but the first time I had it was at home. I went down to Bellevue because I loved it that much.

After dinner (which she loved!) we headed back to the Staples Center for the concert. Man is Taylor Swift a cutie or what. She is such a sweet heart, any little girl who has her as a role model is very lucky. Nicole and I agreed that we needed to see her in concert some more.

We got lucky because Katy Perry was in the audience, so when Taylor did a cover of Hot and Cold Katy came up and sang with her. Fun times we had that night.

Friday morning I was suppose to go up to Pendelton for the opening of Coco's, but was unable to make it up at the last minute. I was sad to miss it, but will try it out next time we're up that way. So instead Nicole and I went down to the San Ysidro outlet mall so Nicole could look for a dress for her friends wedding. I love going there because we ALWAYS find great deals. I got 3 shirts and a belt and the most I spent on one item was $13 which was at Lucky. It also helped that I got military discount at every store :)

Nicole had been told to visit Coronado Island by a friend. Not hard for us since Frank works there. Since we were down south I went through Imperial Beach then up Silver Strand into Coronado so Nicole could see all it's beauty. We stopped and walked around Hotel Del Coronado, then drove around looking at houses we wish we could afford... one day!??? I showed her around base a little then we headed home to snack since we were starving.

Once Frank got off work (super early by the way which was so nice!) we headed to the Russian place for dinner with a bunch of people he works with. I liked the veggie appetizer but that was it. There was only 2 things I could eat that didn't have meat, so I went with the potato and cheese dumplings. Yuck! Hey at least I can say I tried Russian food. I'm sure it will be the only time though.

After dinner Nicole and I went back home and Mike and Mikey came over with the pups for a fun time. I am way to addicted to Uno because that's all I wanted to play! Yet I never win. Sad.

This was the day we were suppose to go to Sea World, but that didn't happen. So instead we took Nicole around San Diego. We took her into Frank's work to show her the Helo's he works on. She got to sit inside and get her picture taken. Lucky girl he's never asked if I wanted to do that! ha. Then we headed over to Balboa to walk around. I really only wanted to check out the Botanical Garden. It's my favorite thing there. Can you guess what Frank's least Favorite place to visit at Balboa is? He puts up with it for me. I'm such a lucky girl.

After Balboa we took her out to Sunset Cliffs. Too bad it was overcast all day. Thankfully it's still beautiful there no matter what. Nicole really enjoyed it, but we had to leave because she was freaking out about these kids that were climbing the cliffs. I'm pretty sure drugs or alcohol were a factor as to why they were being so stupid, but Nicole was about to have a heart attack so we thought it'd be best to leave. We needed to rest before dinner anyways. Frank, Nicole, myself, Ashley, Tony, Mike and Mikey all went out to The Spaghetti Factory in the Gaslamp District since Nicole hasn't seen Ashley or Tony in years. I just wish I would have known that the Padres had a game that night. Parking was a nightmare!!

Sea World! Now I am still very against whales being in such small spaces and doing all these tricks.. I mean they're wild animals! However. The trainers took amazing care of them, treated them very well and the whales were much smaller than I thought they would be. Either way I still felt guilty for watching the show.

Such beautiful animals...

One thing I did want to see was the dolphins! I love them. One day I would love to swim with them, they are just such amazing creatures. They have a new show with them opening, but not till late May. Boo we went too early.

This was one of my favorite moments. It looks just like Molly and Ellie sunbathing :)

Now this show is something to be proud of. Most (if not all) of the animals in The Pet Show are adopted from the shelter! How awesome is that. They had dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, birds.. I think that was it. I want to see this one again and again!

Monday morning Frank dropped Nicole off at the airport on his way to work. We were sad to see her go, but so happy to be back into a normal routine eating home cooked meals... for a few days at least. Vegas is a week in a half away! Yay.

I know I left quite a bit of little stuff out here and there.. but man we did way to much in that short of a time. I'm ready for someone to come down for a whole week! That way we wont be so rushed, and can relax San Diego style.


La Familia Workman said...

Wow! You guys sure did a lot! Sounds like you're the person to visit for a short vacation! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. : )

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna chat with Rod tomorrow and I will have a definite date for you soon for when I can make it down. I really wish it could've been for the fourth, but oh well. We'll just have to celebrate it late. ;) You guys sound like the best hosts ever!

Newlywed Next Door said...

I grew up in San Diego and I absolutely love it down there. Glad to see you're having a great time in the city!