Monday, June 14, 2010

Here and there

Something you might notice over the next few months is that my posts will be pretty sporadic. Since last summer was spent in pain and we only had about a month in a half to explore San Diego in the summer (although I was more stuck to the couch!). I have decided this summer we will do and see just about everything possible! There is so much I still want to do, I feel like after a year of being here we should have by now. Instead I plan to accomplish it all this summer.

I'm counting down the days till the 4th because we'll be spending it at Soak City for Military Appreciation Day. We tried to go last summer, but surprise surprise I couldn't move much so we missed out. The next day we're going to the San Diego County Fair to see Jeff Duhnam! Yay :) Countless trips to the beach because that's how we roll... Taking day trips if lucky. I'm just so excited!

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday we decided to go check out the outlet mall in Alpine. When we were first driving into the San Diego area we pasted an outlet mall that looked pretty neat. I kept mentioning I wanted to check it out, and finally after almost a YEAR we made it there. It was a dud! The store selections were horrid, and none of them had good options. It was however the nicest outlet mall I've ever been to. But there's no way we'll be going back.

Instead we decided to drive up to the outlet mall in Carlsbad since I thought they had a Nike. I was wrong they have Adidas. Neither Frank or myself have had Ruby's Dinner in quite awhile and a milkshake sounded great at that point. I wasn't up for greasy foods (since I never really am) and got the Vegwhich. It's avocado, low-fat cheese, low-fat mayo, lettuce, spinach, and tomato on whole wheat bread. Sounds good right!? Oh Ruby's how you tried... but FAILED! It would have been tasty if I had asked for no cheese, they put two slices on (both sides) mayo on both sides (ICK!) and they grilled the bread in way too much butter... I've never had such a "healthy" sandwich be so greasy. Sigh.

I also decided that the San Ysidro outlet is my favorite! It's more crowded because it's right on the Mexico/USA border.. but man oh man do they have a great selection and even better deals! The whole point of our shopping excursion was to find me new running shoes. Mine are about 2 years old and ready for the trash.

On our way home we needed to get gas and I of course wanted to get cheap gas so I made Frank go to Murphy Canyon and get gas "on base". We had to hop on the 52 to get to the 15 and out of the corner of my eye I see this store called Road Runner Sports. I wasn't sure if it was a store or a warehouse but at the last second we decided to get off the freeway to check it out. REI was right by it so we figured we stop there if it wasn't anything. Boy did we get lucky! This place is AMAZING! They have this area called Shoe Dog where you can have insoles made just for your feet, and they can see how you stand/balance/run etc. I've heard of this before but never knew where to find it. Both Frank and I found out that we have extremely high arch's and run with our feet outwards. Frank also found out that his feet are two different sizes! ha I thought that was crazy. After they make your insole (if you want one the consultation is free) they tell you what kind of shoe you need. So I for instance need stability and balance and Frank needs stability. Then they take you over to the shoes and hand you off to a shoe person who finds shoes for your feet's needs.

I ended up with a brand calls brooks.. I LOVE the shoes and insole!! It's amazing what having the right kind of foot wear can do for you. They also have sports bra consultants that can help the ladies find that perfect sports bra for there ladies. Since both of us were getting the insoles (at $80 a pop!) and I was getting shoes I decided to wait on the bra. I did however leave all my info and the bra I liked (the Juno) on a customer card so when I do go back they can just look everything up so I don't have to remember. I like that.

Not gonna lie when it came time to check out, we were a little nervous by how much it was going to cost. My shoes ended up being in sale, yay, and we signed up for the VIP membership so everything was cheaper than regular store price, yay, AND we got military discount on top of that. YAY! The total was still more than we would like, but the savings we did like.

We're hoping the money spent on the insole for Frank will be money well spent! His boots mess his feet up pretty bad while at work. He ordered a pair of wides or something a long time ago and of course has yet to get anything, so if anything the insoles will help for now.

I'd say it was a good Saturday :)


Anonymous said...

Excellent job. You get what you pay for and when it comes to your feet, good shoes are a must... and I bet it helps your back feel better... I guess I shouldn't give Brandon such a hard time about being a "shoe whore", but then he buys a new pair... not necessarily a good pair... every couple of weeks... at least that's what it seems like.. :O)

Love Mom

Keri said...

oh my goodness! We used to drive through Alpine every year. They used to have this bbq joint next to an ice cream parlor that served wheat grass shots! Anyways the ice cream parlor had tiny gummy bears as an ice cream topping and they were the best! My mom, sister and I used to get wheat grass shots and then cups of those gummy bears!!