Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yay me!

I realized I've been reading more blogs than writing any myself! Time sure has been going by too fast for me right now. I don't mind it, I just need to learn to keep up : ] I've had so many blogs in my head that I want to write up but when I get to the computer I forget it all. I tried downloading a blogger app on my phone but the darn thing won't let me sign on. Anyone out there that blogs through there iPhone.. any advice!?

Today miss Mikey over at The Voigt Story gave me a Sugar Doll award. Now it's making me crave sugar! Ahh. Anyways I was honored to be thought of.. yay! To receive the award I'm suppose to tell you 10 things about myself (kinda weird if you ask me! I'm only participating because I forgot what I was going to blog about... AGAIN!).

1. I'm obsessed with my teeth! My mom calls me Ross ; ] ha

2. My dogs are my babies.. and always will be.

3. I'm double jointed in my hips. I love to pop my hips in and out of place just to gross people out.

4. I haven't had cable in years (we had the converter box up for a while, but it's now packed away) and LOVE every minute of no TV. It's amazing the amount of time you can waste in front of it.

5. I'm a great listener. Even if I don't know what to say.

6. When I was little I wanted to be a teacher by day and a singer/dancer by night.

7. I love being married. It's not perfect by any means, but we NEVER give up on anything and work through whatever problem is going on.

8. I love moving and living all over the country (and hopefully world one day!)

9. My "dream" job as an adult was to be a photographer in the Air Force. That I'm pretty sure will surprise some.. I've only ever told a few people that.

10. I may be annoying at times, but as a friend I will always be there for you.

Now I'm suppose to pass this little award here on to 10 other lucky ladies. Drum roll please....

Ashley @ Smile Steady

Megan @ In this wonderful life (I realize she won't see this for awhile, but I know they would love your prayers!!)

Congrats all!


Carlee Ross said...

ooo I'm tagged, I might get to that in the next few days.

d.a.r. said...

Oooh thanks sweet friend!!!

I gave up trying to blog from my iPhone. It made me crazy :) Instead, I just use the "note" function and jot down ideas of things I want to blog about. Then, when I get time, I have 5-6 blog posts already simmering in my brain and I can just write them all at once. Lazy? Yes. Effective and allows me to have a life? Absolutely :) And, this way, I don't forget my ideas, haha!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

double jointed in your hips??? I've never heard of such a thing.

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

Aww, thanks! :) That made my night.

Also, I'm always AMAZED when people are double-jointed.

And I agree--marriage is great. :)

Kayla Sue said...

congrats on the award:)

I'm a new reader and look forward to getting to know you!:)

smile steady said...

Thanks for the tag! (and I'm so proud of your tooth obsession!)

Atta girl!