Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy blog-aversary

So it's been a little while since I've actually written a post.. of any kind really. Hope y'all didn't forget about me :). There really was so reason for the little hiatus, just stepping back from the web for awhile. I still checked blogs here and there and facebook from my phone so I wasn't completely gone. Anyways, I am back now and already have a few posts lined up. The next few weeks/months are going to start getting busy for us then before we know it the holiday's will be here, we'll be back home for the FIRST time during them (wish us luck!) then we'll be planning my birthday. It seems we do more for mine since Frank's is in the middle of our busy time. Not only is it his birthday it's also my mom's as well as a cousins, then shortly after that is our anniversary followed by his moms birthday the next day and a few days later his brothers. And we can't forget his younger sisters birthday a few weeks before Franks. Busy birthday time!

Along with all those birthday... today is my one year blog-aversary!! How exciting!? I can't believe I've been blogging for a whole year. It also means it's been one year since somebody decided to let themselves into our house and go through our things. Ellie still is mean to anyone who comes by our patio. Thankfully they all understand and are nice about it. They know she's a sweetie deep down. I'm still hoping to one day bring a dog trainer to our house to work with her on her behavior issues.

Now onto the real reason for this post. I am very happy to say... we bought a carpet shampooer!! My oh my how much we have needed this. We have been looking around on craigslist for a decent used one for months but had no luck finding anything. With Nick's visit coming up soon and the spare room smelling even worse we were becoming desperate, so we were just going to rent a shampooer from a store. By the grace of the shampooing Gods I found a Bissell ProHeat 2X deep cleaner for $80. It's only a few months old and in great condition still. I'm in love :) I would like to say the spare room smells fantastic now, but this morning while I was gone one of the dogs pooped and I believe peed in there play pen. Such turds! However, this is why we wanted to buy one. They only ever go to the bathroom inside in there play pen if they didn't get it all out before being locked up. I knew it was most likely going to happen since they only peed before I left. I love that I don't have to be upset every time that happens now. I plan to shampoo the area tomorrow since I don't have the time today, and it will be back to smelling good. Yippee!

So far we've done the spare room the hallway and the entry way. I'm going to be doing the dinning area tomorrow and then I hope to have the bedroom and living room done sometime before Nick's visit. Getting Frank to move furniture is the hardest part, I really don't blame him for not wanting to though. But I win this battle because.. well I do ha. He also knows how much I want the carpets done.

**Just a little heads up, none of these pictures were edited since I didn't really have the time. So don't mind how bad they look.**

Had to get a before shot! We've grown so used to seeing a gaping whole in his mouth since he doesn't wear his tooth retainer very often. I tend to forget when taking pictures.

 I love that you can already see a difference in the carpet!!

 Doggie jail! We blocked them off from the back half of the apartment so they wouldn't get in the way. Molly wasn't too happy about that part.

 I'm just that cool, I had to put it on the calendar so everyone knew ha.

 Aw so pretty! I can smell the fresh clean scent :)

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Anonymous said...

I still think you guys are the greatest for doing that before my visit! :) 3 weeks my friends!