Friday, September 17, 2010

3 years

Before it's no longer the 16th I would like to wish my husband a VERY happy 3rd anniversary! At times it feels like we've been married forever, but at others it seems like we just got married yesterday. I can't decide if we're still considered to be in the honeymoon faze? Hum...

I had planned a whole post on being mushy about Frank (something I haven't done on here before, I thought it would be a good day to start ;] ) however, our day didn't end how I thought it would either. Thankfully it's all good!

Frank got a special liberty day (a day off that does not use his leave, for any non-military who have no idea what that means) for his birthday last month that is good up until Thanksgiving. He chose to take it for our anniversary, which I thought was odd but he didn't think they'd give it to him on a Friday since that would give him a three day weekend. Anyways, we planned to go up to Cabrillo National Monument since my ticket was still good from when I went with Nick and then eat at Tropical Smoothie since we just love it so much. Unfortunately we had to start the day off dealing with insurance. Never fun. Once we had that all figured out we headed out for lunch then the monument. Of course it's since and sunny, clear skies and warm at our house but once we get to the monument it's a little cooler and overcast. The sun was trying so hard to break through, but I got tired of waiting for it to happen. We still had a nice time since the view rocks regardless.

 As we were leaving I asked Frank if he wanted to stop by the exchange to look at the Macs and how much they were going for there. After about 3 hours we left with a 23" HP TouchSmart desktop and a Nikon coolpix P100. Yup didn't think we'd be doing that ha. They had a great deal going on that we couldn't resist since we were in desperate need of a new computer and a camera. The camera isn't anything fancy, I call it my transition camera. It's a little better than what we had and I am able to learn more about how to use lighting and all that fun stuff. So hopefully in a year or so I'll be able to upgrade to my current crush... a Nikon D90 :) One day I'll be there... for now the P100 will have to do. It's not too shabby though, so I'm not upset with it at all. Now I can start posting pictures again (which I still have some I need to share from last month!)... when I get the time.

I must say this is weird using an up to date computer. There was nothing wrong with my laptop it was just old and not wanting to be used as a main source of Internet connection. We plan to have it stripped of everything on it and keep it as a travel computer to upload pictures, I would have never thought of that! Thankfully my mom mentioned that to me.

Well this has become rambling and most likely may not be making sense... I'm tired... it's almost midnight :/ eck! It's bed time for me. Hopefully now that I have a computer that can keep up with me I will be back to blogging more regularly!?