Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Speed Fest

No I have not converted to a car lover, although it's starting to seem like it. Somethings can just be fun to watch (Top Gear LOVE LOVE!) and others are just a nice way to get out of the house and have a nice time. Saturday we spent the day out at the Coronado Speed Fest 2010. It's held on base at North Island (apparently it's the only car race that is held on an active duty air strip!) for two days during fleet week. I didn't know about it last year, I guess Frank did but didn't mention it. I wasn't sure what to expect I just wanted to take advantage of this crazy hot heat wave we have going on! Even if you're not a car lover, I think you'd enjoy this.. it's just fun :).

If you ever get the chance to see an LCAC on the water.. just do, it's pretty fun to watch at sunset. Not so much fun to watch on land though. I have a picture I took in Virginia of one of these out on a training run, the sun was setting behind it and there was water spraying up all around it. It was amazingly beautiful!

If you heard about those pilots who got grounded for pulling a stupid stunt in/over lake Tahoe, this helicopter is from the same command. I'd be a bit embarrassed to say I know the pilots.. or maybe that's just me.

Frank's command is walking distance away yet they had no helicopter out for display, instead they had a small booth.. it was kind of sad looking between everything else ha.

So this is a car both Frank and I agreed on. We didn't like it! The sticker she had on it didn't show her to be a very nice person for one. However, that wasn't our problem with the car. You can't see it every well but the bow tie on the bunny is bedazzled! Yes freakin bedazzled. Who knows maybe others would do that to there car?? You can count me out though.

I liked this one because it was fancy looking ; )

Pretty sure I would NOT be able to get out of this car! You can see that the bottom of the door windows are around Frank's knees. He's about 5'11. That equals too low for moi!

Test driving the Camaro (sorry it's so dark I'm in a hurry to finish, I want to go take a bubble bath with some of my new CHEAP bubble bath stuff from the Bath & Body Works outlet store!!). He was going to drive the Corvette as well but the wait was insanely long since they only had two too drive. Chevy had to have a rep in the car with the driver since there course wasn't gated off, somebody could have easily driven off. The guy told Frank that Mercedes had no limits or rules on the cars they had to drive... so of course we had to make our way over to them!

Driving the SL63 AMG. They also had E63 AMG and C63 AMG (yes I had to ask Frank what they were.. there is no way I'd remember!). Since Mercedes course was gated in you didn't have to have a representative in the car with you, you could also go as fast as you wanted.. just as long didn't wreck of course. We only got around to driving thee SL63 since we were getting hungry and I made the smart move of making sure Frank had sunscreen on, then forgetting about myself. Now I'm nursing a pretty bad sunburn. No fun! Thankfully mine always turn to a tan. 

This guy was pretty awesome! He was out in front of the race track entertaining us all.

Well now that we've done one Speed Fest I can't wait for next year!


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

That looks so fun!!!

Kelsey Claire said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love all the pics.

Kelsey Claire said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love all the pics.