Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back to reality

A little highlights from the last month...

  • Our trip home turned out better than I thought it would. Still had it's moments where I was wanting to pack everything up and go back to San Diego, but all in all we had a great time.
  • We got home right before some snow, which is huge in Washington since it never snows before Thanksgiving. And then we left right before a rain storm.
  • I'm more than happy to have all my windows and doors open enjoying the 80 degree weather. Taking advantage of it since it will be gone tomorrow.
  • I have two Christmas parties this week... my FIRST EVER!! I'm super excited, yet a little stressed since I have no gifts for them yet.
  • We are SO SO CLOSE to having our Star card and my mom paid off :) I can't wait till the 15th and we can close down the first of three cards. It will be a good day.
  • We came back with lots of free (used) kitchen goodies. Frank's favorite is the very old toaster oven, that works great still, from my parents. I also got a brand new juicer that I believe was only used once! A bread machine, this food chopper/small blender, and a large rice cooker. The rice cooker I've been waiting a few months for since ours broke on us. We also came back with a few Christmas decorations and two books to borrow from Nicole :) Man I love getting free stuff!
  • I would post pictures but they are still on my laptop, Frank will be transferring them to the computer tonight so hopefully I can post a few in the coming days.
  • It feels good to be back to a normal schedule, although I'm sure Frank isn't too thrilled to be back to getting up so early. I'm happy to be back to normal blogging... I've missed you all!

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Kelsey Claire said...

You have been busy! So jealous you are getting so close to being debt free. Good for you!