Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Advocare product review: Trim line [part 1]

I've been trying different products so that I can give them my own personal review (and because I love them!). I won't be trying everything but over time I'd like to sample just everything they have to offer. That will take some time though.


Leptilean is perfect for those times when you feel like you could eat an entire table serving of food. It helps with suppressing your appetite and making you feel full so you only eat what your body really needs. Rather than what you think you need. I'm LOVING this one since I have a hard time with portion control.


Catalyst is just simply amazing! What I love about this is that anyone can take it. It's works great at different times of the day, before or after a work out.. in the morning at night.. between meals. It helps with repairing tissue and maintaining muscle mass all while targeting the body fat to get rid of. It also helps give you more energy and appetite control, which I know everyone can use at some point or another.

MNS Max 3:

I love the MNS (metabolic nutrition system) packets because it's like your daily vitamins all in one strip! So far I've only taken Max 3 since it covers more of what I need within vitamins. But I plan to try Max E and Max C soon. Max 3 is good because it's a nice mix of both E and C. I've noticed since starting with MNS that my skin has been looking healthier since I am getting all the right amounts of oils. Love that!

Meal Replacement Shake:

The meal replacement shakes are simply amazingly delicious! Yes I just said that ha. I've had other brands that were okay but they are NOTHING compared to these. The vanilla tastes like cupcakes (who wouldn't love that!?) and the berry tastes like.. well yummy berries ha. I love mixing these with frozen fruit to make a nice thick tasty shake :] YUM!


Kelsey Claire said...

I have heard good things about advocare. I am thinking about trying the shakes when I have my surgery because that would be easy, and I am hoping I won't gain to much weight!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

they all sound great. I have never heard of Advocare before.