Wednesday, April 27, 2011


When Frank and I started going to The Rock (one year this last weekend!) there were two things we really wanted to do. Attend the weekend marriage retreat and take the Rock Financial Life (RFL) class. Well we we weren't able to do either. Poo! So last month when I saw that they would be offering the RFL class again for the last time this year I of course jumped on that and signed up.

 It's a 6 week course that they only do a few times a year. And about two nights before the first class I decided to move. I have great timing! ha. I was able to attend the first two classes and man am I glad I made it to them at least. This is a class for EVERYONE! If you have money, or don't have it. Know how to budget it, or don't know how.. it's amazing and every person should take it. This is my new favorite saying "Live Today For THAT Day" yes this is nothing new, it's just not one I had heard before. I was sad that I wouldn't be able to finish the class out, but this is why I love our church. They have the whole class on DVD :] YAY.

At some point I'll buy it and share it with others, pair it with Dave Ramsey (who they actually quote in the work book!) and talk about being financially set and smart. I can't wait till next year when Frank is back and we can take the class together! Hey maybe we'll even make it to the marriage retreat next year!? ha.

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I haven't heard of this and must look into it :) Good for you girl.